Bareboat Charter Master Rank

If you already have some sailing experience, then this is the best value starter bundle and you'll save $51.50 off the A La Carte prices AND get the interactive animated Electronic Navigation course for FREE.
You'll be awarded the Bareboat Charter Master Rank Level III when you complete all six sailing lessons enclosed and log 50 days sailing in our FREE online sailing logbook. This Sailing Certification and Rank is accepted by major charter companies world wide.


  • There is no time limit to complete the sailing lessons
  • You can review the sailing lessons as many times as you like
  • You can make as many attempts as needed to pass the tests
  • If you've already bought one sailing class then you'll be given an appropriate credit
If you've ever wanted to take a sailing vacation to a Pacific, Mediterranean*, Caribbean (or beyond) sailing destination, then you simply need the Bareboat Charter Master Certification. Get it right here right now! Act now and get the world's best Electronic Navigation course for FREE.

*NOTE: For Mediterranean destinations, you are now required to have the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). This is authorized under United Nations Resolution 40. Only signatory countries to UN40 are able to designate Sailing Education companies to issue the ICC. The United State has not signed UN40 and thus US based companies such as ASA and US Sailing CAN NOT issue the ICC. NauticEd is an Approved Sailing Training Center by the UK based and UK authorized ICC issuer Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Thus, NauticEd is able to provide a clear path to to gaining the ICC. To do this, you must take the NauticEd-RYA Day Skipper theory course, then visit anyone of 500 practical sailing training centers worldwide for practical proficiency training/verification. In the USA, we recommend our affiliated RYA practical training center Yachting Education in Annapolis, MD. For experienced students, often a 1 day verification check out is only required to gain the ICC - but your theory knowledge must be solid.

More Important Info: For chartering, you need this full bundle of courses to be properly and responsibly educated. However, stated again, for the Mediterranean you must additionally take and pass the RYA Day Skipper Course as discussed above. Thus you get an automatic $95 credit towards the RYA Day Skipper Course when you purchase this Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of courses. This is due to the repeat of Skipper and Coastal Navigation Course material. In summary, to be properly educated and Internationally Certified, you need the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle and the RYA Day Skipper Course. RYA Day Skipper is the prerequisite for the ICC.

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