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Grant Headifen, Global Director of Education

The SLC examination is a comprehensive test of your sailing knowledge skills.  Specifically, this examination is required to be passed to gain the SLC International Sailing License and every 3 years thereafter to remain current. You should take this examination AFTER you have completed all the Bareboat Charter Master courses.

If you planning on skippering a sailboat on a sailing vacation in the Mediterranean or Seychelles, you are required to have a Sailing License. The SLC is accepted by all port authorities and yacht charter companies worldwide. For the SLC license, there are other requirements as well; see the SLC requirements here.

Competent and knowledgeable skippers should be able to breeze through this test. If you have trouble, it is an indication that you are not properly prepared. The test will take approximately 3-4 hours of time. There is no time limit and no cost.

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Student Reviews

Jim G.
2022, 04 Dec. 14:45

The course designer(s) took an in-depth subject with many moving parts and made it both interactive and fun. They break down the content in byte size pieces and make sure the student has a grasp on each area of study before moving on.

Stefan A.
2022, 18 Nov. 18:42

Course is great! Made very well, I recommend it to every sailor that would like to learn more.

Savica A.
2022, 17 Nov. 21:27

Very good testing approach

Rene N.
2022, 25 Jun. 10:07

Not a course but rather just an exam. Challenging to get 100% but all the essential stuff you should know (closed book).

Philip A.
2022, 14 Jun. 23:19

The clarity of the information in the training modules including interactive graphics and clear illustrations were excellent.

Bruno B.
2022, 25 Apr. 13:11

It's a very complete course mid difficulty

Lucas v.
2022, 11 Mar. 00:37

The questions are rigorous and relevant. The importance of r eading the multiple choice answers carefully was an early lesson learned.

Phil K.
2022, 15 Feb. 23:55

Loads of material. Very detailed and great graphics for helping explain the concepts

Jurgen A. J.
2022, 14 Feb. 14:00

Great course very informative

William l.
2022, 11 Feb. 19:33

Straight forward and practical questions.

Eigil O.
2021, 23 Nov. 10:54

Am revisiting this one every winter, to refresh my knowledge and to find out if I should repeat any of the other clinics.

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You are sailing east and see this navigation mark ahead. Should you turn to port or starboard?


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