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NauticEd is the World's Largest and Most Advanced Online Sailing Education and Sailing Certification program providing sailing training from basics to advanced education through entertaining and interactive multimedia online sailing courses.

NauticEd combines high-tech and high-touch sailing training. If you want to learn to sail, you can earn the internationally recognized NauticEd sailing certification. The certification is based on a proprietary algorithm analyzing real practical logged experience, completed online sailing courses and qualified practical instructor sign off.

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Grant Headiphen photo Hi, I'm Grant Headifen, Global Education Director for NauticEd Sailing School. At NauticEd, we're committed to continue to bring you the world's most advanced sailing education and sailing certification program. And I'll make a bold personal guarantee to you - if you're less than completely impressed with how NauticEd sailing courses and how our sailing certification works, then NauticEd will just refund the money you've invested with us. I can make this bold statement because sailing charter companies have told us that they are impressed with NauticEd students.

If you truly want to learn how to sail, improve your sailing skills and/or get a sailing certification so that you can go bareboat charter sailing, then NauticEd sailing school is TRULY for you. We invested a year working with dozens of the world's top charter sailing companies to develop a globally accepted advanced and elegant sailing certification system that is clear, concise and easy to attain with the appropriate sailing education and sailing experience.

We ensure you get the right education through our advanced multimedia sailing courses and testing system. Then we match this result with your sailing experience through our free proprietary sailing logbook. You can further gain a verified proficiency stamp to your sailing certification through our global network practical sailing schools. If you have little sailing experience then our sailing schools will work with you until you are confident and competent.

You're welcome to try NauticEd's sailing courses on for size before you begin to learn how to sail or take more advanced sailing lessons through us. And with tens of thousands of students worldwide, we're pretty sure you'll be impressed with the level of technology and detail designed that has gone into our sailing courses and sailing certification curriculum.

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Come join our huge sailing education community, learn to sail from our talented faculty of sailing educators, build your sailing certification with us and overall - please enjoy everything we have to offer to you. We're so much more than online sailing courses, we're your sailing certification home. And best of all, you can get started now learning to sail and earning your sailing certification for free.

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