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NauticEd is the World's Most Advanced Sailing Education and Sailing Certification Program providing sailing training from basics to advanced education through entertaining and interactive multimedia online sailing courses and an unparalleled network of global training centers.

Through our alliance with the Royal Yachting Association, the world's most revered certification system, we help our students pass the RYA Day Skipper course which is the precursor to the International Certificate of Competence, the ICC. The ICC is the world's only true sailing license for recreational boaters. If you're ever going to sail in Europe it is now mandatory that you have the ICC. AND it's requirement is spreading.

Grant Headiphen photo Hi, I'm Grant Headifen, Global Education Director for NauticEd Sailing School. At NauticEd, we're committed to continue to bring you the world's most advanced sailing education and sailing certification program. And I'll make a bold personal guarantee to you - if you're less than completely impressed with how NauticEd sailing courses and how our sailing certification works, then NauticEd will just refund the money you've invested with us. I can make this bold statement because sailing charter companies have told us that they are impressed with NauticEd students.

I want to talk more about the ICC because it is important stuff for you to know. The International Certificate of Competence was created by the United Nations Under Resolution 40. No other "sailing certificate" issued by any company in the world is a true sailing license. AND governments of countries who signed Resolution 40 are the only authorities to approve a sailing training program with high enough standards to be worthy of issuing the ICC. The RYA in the UK is such a company and is able to issue the ICC to citizens of other countries who have not signed Resolution 40 such as the USA and Canada etc.

The United States and Canada has not approved any American sailing associations to be able to issue the ICC. The Countries of Australia and New Zealand have adopted the RYA system. RYA have 500 prevetted and annually inspected sailing training centers worldwide. The standards of education are beyond reproach and are required as so by the UK government. Americans and Canadians can get the ICC by passing the RYA Day Skipper course here online at NauticEd and by visiting an American based RYA approved sailing school.

Now NauticEd has joined the ranks of global standards. Our unique proposition to our students is that we combine high-tech eLearning education and high-touch sailing training. No other program in the world can offer you this. Kinda makes you feel special just for reading this doesn't it - AND it makes us very proud of the work we have done to get this far.

With our program, everything is perfectly managed for you inside our proprietary cloud based sailing logbook and automatically generated resume. Every-time you perform a sailing task - pass a course, go sailing, get practical training - etc. you are recognized on your resume and rewarded with behavioral badges. Yacht Charter companies world-wide recognize your achievements and will grant you a Bareboat Charter approved status based on your NauticEd resume.

Why eLearning?

In this day and age, eLearning is the only way to go when it comes to successfully absorbing theory knowledge because of the multimedia approach. Reading is out - interactive learning is in. We agree - you can't learn to sail online but with any responsible sailing training program there is a lot of theory to know before you can skipper your own yacht.

For Example: Do you know the rules of the nautical Road? How about coastal navigation? How do you lift a heavy man back on board? Should you let out the main sheet or the traveler, why? Can you convert true to magnetic in an instant? What is the best anchor to use for a rock bottom? You are a sailboat on starboard overtaking a sailboat on port - who gives way? What is the best way to reef a roller furling sail? What should you do if you want to gybe in really high winds? How can you plot a heading home if the tidal current is ripping at 4 knots? At night, you see a red and 2 white lights seemingly to be approaching, what should you do, what kind of vessel is it? You're in a foreign country, are the entrance lights red on right or green on right for returning? Why should you use a waypoint and how do you set it up? At what time can you enter a shallow harbor with a high tidal range?

GET IT? These are all theory based knowledge that you must know for the safety of your crew and vessel.

Why the Logbook?

Some "certification" systems issue you a certificate after a weekend sailing course and a paper test. The student is only disappointed when they try to use that as proof of competence. Yacht Charter Companies will mostly discount these certifications and either accept automatically the ICC or require a filled out resume of experience with proof of a properly structured education curriculum. NauticEd's free cloud stored Logbook and automatically generated Resume is the perfect answer.

Why Practical Training Centers?

If you TRULY want to learn how to sail, improve your sailing skills and/or get a sailing certification allowing you to go bareboat charter sailing, then NauticEd is TRULY for you. We invested years working with dozens of the world's top charter sailing companies to develop a globally accepted advanced and elegant Sailing Resume system that is clear, concise and easy to attain with the appropriate sailing education, sailing experience and documented world class sailing certification.

You're welcome to try NauticEd's sailing courses on for size before you begin to learn how to sail or take more advanced sailing lessons through us. And with tens of thousands of students worldwide, we're pretty sure you'll be impressed with the level of technology and detail designed that has gone into our sailing courses and sailing certification curriculum.

I invite you to:
  • Visit our free interactive multimedia sailing Instructor NED
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  • AND most of all do something for your real self, get an International Certificate of Competence and hang it on the wall with pride.

Come join our huge sailing education community, learn to sail from our professional network of sailing schools, build your sailing certification with us and overall - please enjoy everything we have to offer to you. We're so much more than online sailing courses, we're your Sailing Resume home. And best of all, you can get started now learning to sail and earning your sailing certification for free.

Welcome onboard!