Become a NauticEd Affiliate

Why Become a NauticEd Affiliate?
  • Promote your sailing related company and your sailing events/opportunities to our vast database of students (via our website, social media, and student email newsletters).
  • Earn commissions on courses
  • Gain exposure -- NauticEd is highly indexed by search engines.

How it Works
  • You link to us; we link to you!
  • You earn commissions on anyone who comes to NauticEd from your site and purchases courses (trackable through a specific java script affiliate link). You can log on anytime to see your commission report.
  • If you provide sailing adventure opportunities, you can post them on our site.


Step 1: Your Information

A. Create Sign-in Information

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Use at least 6 characters

B. Affiliate Headquarters Information

The Name of your company
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C. Affiliate Headquarters Contact Information

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If a non USA address is supplied please give a Paypal payment email address for commission purposes