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How to Get a New Boat Without Paying For All of the Associated Costs

We live in a sharing economy

Zip cars, Uber, and AirBnB are prime examples and certainly one day you will not own a car. Rather, a shared self-driving car will just show up at your house on an App request. The Internet has been wholly the secret to success and complete integrated adoption of this sharing economy. Booking, scheduling, communications, and equitable software rules have all played their part.

Of all personal assets, sharing a boat makes the MOST sense since the vast majority of boats sit idle in their slips 90% of the time. Sharing a boat allows you to get a bigger, nicer, newer boat than you would normally afford by yourself. And buying a boat into a sharing program can have significant tax advantages. While there are already several professional boat sharing companies, those companies are profit making companies designed to keep money out of your pocket. Now with myBoat™ sharing software, you are able to design a customized sharing system without the big company overhead.

myBoat™ Software

The myBoat sharing software allows any group to share a boat equitably but with each person feeling as though they have almost full access to time on the boat. It is simply brilliant! You can make reservations online, request a swap, go on a wait list, you can even take more than your allocation through a 48 hour grab and go booking feature.

myBoat™ Sharing

Now, you can share a boat with NauticEd’s myBoat program. There are several options with self-management using NauticEd’s myBoat sharing software:

  1. Share your own boat out to others and make money towards the purchase and operating cost while you are not using her
  2. Join someone else's shared boat and pay a fraction of the cost
  3. Buy a used boat then see (1) above
  4. Call several buddies and share the purchase price and operating expenses of the boat.


  • Get more time on your existing shared boat
  • Monetize your boat more with out loosing time on your boat
  • Simplify the sharing process
  • Formalize the sharing agreement to prevent partnership fall out issues
  • Turnkey system to collect friends and buy a boat together
  • Start your own business
  • boatsharerules

    Download the sharing rules document


  • Share up to 8 members per boat;
  • Book single time slots or long blocks of time
  • Book up to a year in advance
  • Swap reservations with other boat members
  • Add yourself to a wait list
  • Add/delete members on your boat
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Reservations are self selected
  • Time is equally allocated but self selected amongst all members
  • Get extra free reservations on short notice
  • Cancel and rebook with out penalty
  • Configurable to best suit your usage patterns
  • Hogging is prevented
  • Boating is encouraged

At NauticEd, students constantly ask us how they can gain experience on a boat. We still think one of the best ways is to join your local yacht club and we've written several blogs on that topic. But at the same time, it makes all the sense in the world to share a boat. And so we've created myBoat™ - an internet based software system to equitably share and maximize time usage on a boat. And we've tied it back into NauticEd education so that you know all your boat partners are properly trained.

View our video on the myBoat™ Software

Package Boat Partnership Enterprise Starter Enterprise Enterprise
Number of boats 1 1-2 3-5 6-10
Max Number members per boat 8 8 10 10
Total Cost/month 4.44/user $98 $198 $275
Set up Fees $0 $249 $249 $249
Billing cycle Annual Annual Monthly Monthly
Optional user agreement
(one time)
$149 $149 $149 $149
Get Started Setup Contact us Contact us Contact us

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