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We are the renown experts and have sailed in almost every vacation sailing destination on the planet.

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NO FEE: With NauticEd, you don't get charged a booking fee. We simply work to find the best company at the best price for the best location to suit you. We can even consult on where to go if you're unsure.

THE BASICS: To help you understand the basics if you are new, see our "Sailing Vacation How-To". In general, for 1 week, a monohull will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 and a catamaran will cost $3,500 to $11,000 ($US) depending on size, age of boat, location, and season. Call us on +1 512-696-1070 USA Central Daylight Tme for any questions. Caution: we love talking sailing.

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A simple phone consultation can make your trip 10 times better with our vast knowledge: games, secret bays, untouched locations, kids, boat types, licensing, provisioning, local preferred companies, cost savings, etc.


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Sailing Vacations and Sailing Holidays

At NauticEd we're experts on how to bareboat charter a yacht on dream sailing vacations. Our faculty and staff have been chartering yachts all over the world for dozens of years. And, as natural as it is to teach bareboat yacht chartering through our courses, it is equally natural to help you with bareboat yacht charter sailing vacations of a lifetime.

We don't charge you a fee for this service. We'll get you the same price that you'd pay by going direct. However, the biggest advantage is that we have insider access to all the daily discount specials. We can also advise you on the best sailing destinations based on your specific needs because chances are we've been there personally.

We're also specialists in how to design a yacht charter flotilla. We've got suggestions on fun beach games, ideas on how to run a small yacht race, competitions and prizes etc to make your flotilla extremely memorable.

Let us go to work finding you the absolute best suited deal, boat and location for you and we'll even help you design an itinerary of stops and anchorages ... because again, chances are we've already been there.