Maureen Vild

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Laguna-Niguel, California USA

Level IV Bareboat Charter Master Rank Chief Sailing Instructor / Assessor

Rated 4.89/5 by 17 students
The most common feedback I received from my students is "You are very calm and explain things in a simple manner to where it is easily understood." However, I believe that the experience of "doing" in many cases outweighs the explanation. My focus is to empower first, educate second. Bring each student to a place of complete competence and build confidence. More importantly, it's all about the experience and to have fun along with the feeling of accomplishing something beyond expectations. Lastly, to anticipate with excitement about the next time on the water.


Other Credentials

USCG 100 ton Master Captains License Nauticed Bareboat Charter Master instructor Nauticed Skipper Small Keel Boat and Skipper (Large Keel Boat) instructor American Sailing Instructor Orange Coast College Sailing and Powerboat Instructor

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Feedback from previous students

Miroslav P., USA, FL, Orlando at 2023, Jun 01
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Maureen is an excellent instructor. I love her deep knowledge, passion for sailing, patience and calmness. I will take more classes from her in the future. Very friendly and comfy atmosphere in the class.
Brian Z., USA, CA, Long Beach at 2023, Mar 20
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Maureen was a fantastic instructor overall. She was patient, explained all topics really effectively, and struck a great balance between supporting me with a positive tone while providing constructive criticism to help me improve further. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in sailing. In just four days on the water, I felt like I began a competent and confident new sailor.
Tracy G., USA, CA, North Hollywood at 2022, Oct 12
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Maureen is a wonderful instructor. She is completely inspirational. She made each class fun and easy to understand. She was very patient, reassuring and encouraging. She sent me uplifting texts which I completely appreciated. When I made mistakes, she quickly corrected me and spoke to me about the situation and how I could improve. I felt empowered and with her instruction. Furthermore, I know I became a better sailor under her teaching. Thank you Maureen for everything!
Mark w., USA, CA, long beach at 2022, Oct 11
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
After rethinking some of the issues I had (MOB), I now understand what my issue was. I did not keep in mind where the wind was coming from and I would oversteer the boat and miss my target. Otherwise, i feel comfortable
Charles S., USA, CA, Laguna Niguel, CA at 2022, Sep 28
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Charles S., USA, CA, Laguna Niguel, CA at 2022, Sep 27
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Charles S., USA, CA, Laguna Niguel, CA at 2022, Aug 06
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Kyle G., USA, CA, Seal Beach at 2022, Dec 21
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
TRISH B., USA, CA, Long Beach at 2022, May 27
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Maureen Vild, is, in my opinion, an amazing instructor, from day one she built my confidence with the feeling of a long-time friend. Her instruction style was perfect for adult learners and she engaged the entire crew the whole time keeping the class active with hands-on activities. By day 4 we were coaching each other and really melding as a team, having so much fun my cheeks hurt from laughing. There are not enough good things I can say about her instruction or her as a person, but I can say that I can not wait to take the next course with her. I finished the small skipper course feeling that I gained a friend and someone who I will always have a connection with. Thank you Santana Sailing for connecting us with such an amazing person, I don't think we could have had a better experience.
Jason P., USA, CA, Long Beach at 2022, Jun 02
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
The instructor was the best part of the course. Hands down Maureen made this experience enjoyable on the water. Nothing beats the sound of turning off the motor and being under sail power. With Maureen, every opportunity was a learning lesson from the chats at lunch to when you asked a question she would let you talk it out and guide you through to the best answer. I will be taking the Large Skipper Keelboat course with Santana Sailing and Maureen.
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