Bareboat Charter Master Rank

Gain the knowledge, training, experience, proper certification, and licensure for multiday and near coastal sailing adventures. Take a sailing vacation and bareboat charter worldwide.

and online

The knowledge online + your school's on-the-water training is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive training available. Learn at your own pace and test knowledge online, and when on-the-water you'll be fully immersed in learning skills and gaining experience with qualified and experienced instructors.

What you will learn

A Bareboat Charter Master is someone who knows their stuff inside and out. Leading your friends and family on coastal waters for multiple days on a sailing vacation is where you need mastery of knowledge, skills, and systems. Our Bareboat Charter Master sailing certification requires meaningful experience, comprehensive online course work, on-the-water training and a demonstration of your practical sailing skills.

The Bareboat Charter Master Practical Sailing course trains all aspects of multiday sailing: international navigation rules and buoys, sailing techniques, boat management and systems, boat handling, coastal navigation, electronic navigation and more. Your sailing school's course is a charter ready program that immerses you in practical on-the-water education, as well as 6 online in-depth multimedia knowledge courses.

  • Beginner to advanced sailing skills
  • Beginner to advanced maneuvering skills
  • Weather and Sea Conditions
  • Bareboat preparation and provisioning
  • Charter processes and tips
  • Vessel management
  • Dinghy tips
  • Boat troubleshooting
  • Managing your crew
  • Quick fixes for an engine
  • How to manage the energy on your boat
  • The Charts and how to use navigation tools
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Dead reckoning, running fixes and triangulation
  • Tides including apps and online digital data
  • Rate and Direction from wind, tides and current
  • Techniques for Setting the Anchor
  • Scope, Chafe, Snubbers, Kellets, Trip Lines and More
  • Anchorage Selection: Charts & Guides, Picking Your Spot, Swing Radius
  • Setting Two Anchors and Med Mooring
  • How to be confident about your anchoring skills
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NauticEd Student Guide

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Upon successfully passing a theory and practical assessment, and logging appropriate experience, you'll earn thee Bareboat Charter Master Rank certification and be properly qualified to sail and charter in near-coastal waters exceeding U.S. and international standards.

Assessment: Knowledge and theory competence are assessed online, whereas instructors assess skills and on-the-water competency continually during training or separately and according to a rubric to meet standards. View the Bareboat Charter Master on-the-water assessment rubric.

Certificate Nautical competence
International SLC certification badge

International SLC Certification

The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is recognized by worldwide port authorities and yacht charter companies as the North American equivalent to the United Nations ICC sailing license. Requirements include a practical assessment of competence by a NauticEd American National Standards sailing instructor.

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NauticEd training begins with theory & knowledge courses online, which you complete at your own pace, and then practical on-the-water training and assessment with an affiliated school or private instructor.

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