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With Advanced NED, you race a sailing course about 90 seconds long. You'll need to trim the sails as fast as you can to get the lowest time. This is an excellent way to become an expert in how the sails should look with any direction of the wind. Please ensure you've played with the basic version of NED first so that you can understand the controls to maximize your speed and minimize your time around the course.

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If you haven't already, you'll need to login and set up a free account so that if you get the best score for the day, the month or for all time, it will be published. First name last initial only - privacy protected. Once you've logged in, you can play Advanced NED - the sail trim sailing game here for free

At NauticEd, we decided to make NED free to the world because we're passionate about helping others catch the sailing bug. Please enjoy NED and please tell others via your social media choice. Once you've mastered NED, we suggest you take the NauticEd Skipper Course and the NauticEd Sail Trim Clinic.

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grant Headifen USCG 100 Ton Master

Hi, I'm Captain Grant Headifen, USCG 100 Ton Master and inventor of NED, the online Sailing Instructor. Over many years of helping people to learn to sail and leading dozens of sailing trips all over the world, I've always encouraged new sailors to understand what is really going on with the boat and the sails. Yet, sometimes when you see that completely blank face you know that something extra is needed. And I also came to realize that the traditional points of sail diagram drawn on a blackboard just wasn't cutting it. Thus NED was born, followed quickly by Advanced NED.

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