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Captain Ed Mapes with Grant Headifen

In this Sail Trim Course you will learn

  • How does the trim of the boat change when the crew moves forward?
  • When the upper leeward telltales are fluttering but the lower ones are flowing smoothly, what should you do?
  • When should you move the jib fairlead forward and how much?
  • Why does an inch on the main outhaul make such a difference?
  • What are 5 ways to lessen the weather helm effect?
  • How to hoist, douse, and trim a spinnaker

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  • This Course takes approximately 4 hours of total time to complete
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  • Return as many times as you like to review
  • Take the online test as many times as you like
  • Adds the Sail Trim Endorsement to your Sailing Certificate
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The author, Captain Ed Mapes is one of the best. He conducts seminars in most of the sailing boat shows throughout the United States. His informative articles can often be seen in many of the major sailing magazines. Captain Mapes is the owner of Voyager Ocean Passages where students take extended ocean passages and learn first hand the real art of sailing. In this clinic, you'll learn the finer points to sail trim. The first time out after taking this Sail Trim Clinic you'll realize that your $39 was invested well. So don't touch that mainsheet yet, the traveler might be the best adjustment.

Having a properly trimmed and balanced boat gives the sailor a feeling of mastery and a quiet sense of inner peace. Please enjoy Captain Ed Mapes' Sail Trim Clinic.

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Phil K.
2022, 06 Mar. 23:42

Great illustrations and well explained

Lucas v.
2022, 15 Feb. 22:34

Great update on techniques

Michael S.
2022, 10 Feb. 01:35


Yosh H.
2021, 28 Dec. 06:37

I like the diagrams and videos and anecdotes

Alex H.
2021, 25 Dec. 18:59

Learned how to better use traveler and main sheet

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Excerpt from the course

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So far, we’ve hoisted the jib, adjusted halyard tension, and trimmed the sheet so that telltales at the bottom and middle sections stream back well.  Now it’s time to compare telltales from bottom to top.  Inequalities are corrected by adjusting the jib fairlead position.

jib too far open

Figure 3a: The jib fairlead is positioned too far aft, opening the upper leech and spilling air out.  The upper telltale flutters forward because wind is choked off from that part of the sail. This is corrected by moving the fairlead forward

Figure 3a illustrates a sail with its lead too far aft, with the upper sail presented to the wind at too broad an angle.  Insufficient airflow and turbulence causes the upper windward (red) jib telltale to dance forward while the middle and lowers stream back nicely.  The leech is allowed to open up and air spills out of the sail aloft.  The loss of air pressure decreases left and drive, slowing the boat down. 

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We are really enjoying this new format for learning to sail. Using NauticEd study at home at your own pace basic knowledge then the two day practical sailing course is perfect for us. Now I’m going to go back and re-study the areas which I need more review. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool.

Martha S, Student - Oregon

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