Sailing Instructor

No matter where you live, if you're a professional person, love teaching, have a passion for sailing, and like making money on your own schedule, you can become a sailing instructor in direct partnership with NauticEd. Consider NauticEd as your back-office Sailing School where all the details of theory and certification paper work are taken care of for you. You simply do what you do best - teach sailing students on-the-water practical skills.

Note: To qualify as a NauticEd Sailing School Instructor you must be legally qualified to teach boating operations in the country you reside in.

At no cost to you, NauticEd offers

  • Marketing your sailing instructor business
  • A consistent professional presentation to your students
  • Commissions from NauticEd paid to you when your students take NauticEd online sailing classes
  • Recognized certifying sailing body for your students
  • A simple high tech solution that your students are seeking
  • Plug and play solution
  • One click to issue a passing grade for your student

Watch our 3 minute video on how students gain a NauticEd sailing certificate.

For a Sailing Instructor, working with NauticEd is as simple as this


Make sure your sailing school is signed up with NauticEd.

  • You'll get a free link from NauticEd promoting your Sailing School
  • When students click through to NauticEd from your site:
    • You are paid commissions
    • Your logo is presented on every page of NauticEd's website
    • You have access to student's info so that you may offer practical sailing training
  • All NauticEd students are regularly emailed with sailing education information and encouraging practical sailing instruction from NauticEd affiliated sailing schools and private instructors.


Sign up as a NauticEd instructor.

  • With one click - a sailing instructor can issue a practical passing grade to their students after they have tested them out on the water
  • No more paper work
  • Students can then instantly download their sailing certification with the sailing instructor's name and school listed as the Verifying Practical Sailing School

Get started now by signing up as a NauticEd Sailing Instructor.