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Sailing Certification

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The International Certificate of Competence

The United Nations under Resolution 40 created the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for recreational boaters world wide.

The ICC is the required license if you are to sail in Europe and serves as proof of competence for all other countries. Yacht Charter Companies instantly recognize the ICC and will grant holders the ability to charter their yachts provided a sailing resume is also attached.

How do I Qualify

You automatically qualify for the ICC license when you pass the RYA Day Skipper sailing course. The theory component of which is available here online from NauticEd.

Who Issues the ICC?

Because the ICC is United Nations created, a company or association can only grant a sailing certificate worthy of ICC award if they have been approved by a country's government. This creates a conundrum for North Americans because the USA and Canada did not sign Resolution 40. The Royal Yachting Association is approved by the UK to issue the ICC once the Day Skipper Course has been passed OR if a student demonstrates sufficient theory knowledge and practical skills to meet the standard required for the ICC.

For citizens of countries who have not signed Resolution 40, they must reply on approved certifying bodies to issue them the ICC. The RYA is one such body able to issue the ICC to other country's citizens. For example, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand citizens can get their ICC via the RYA. These countries have not authorized any association to issue the ICC. For example, the American Sailing Association is a privately held company, it does not answer to any government or any government body and thus can NOT issue the ICC.

How Can I Gain an ICC?

To gain the ICC is not hard. You simply pass the RYA Day Skipper theory and practical education program then apply for your ICC which is then automatically granted. NauticEd's online RYA Day Skipper Course is approved by the RYA as the theory component of the course. The Practical education is performed on the water at an approved RYA school or which there are 500 worldwide and NauticEd will help point you in the right direction for one of these schools convenient to you. In addition, we have preparatory schools who can help you come up to speed first prior to your RYA practical training center visit.

How Do I Start?

NauticEd is an approved RYA Distance Learning Center and is thus able to serve the Day Skipper Theory material and test online.

To start, invest in our RYA approved Day Skipper theory course material now. The Course is presented in bite size modules with review questions all the way through. You self grade your own review questions just to make sure you're understanding the material. Then the final exam is graded by an RYA approved grader. If you fail he/she will guide you to where you need improvement and you resubmit.

About the RYA

Here are a few facts about the RYA. You can see why they are entrusted by the UN to deliver the ICC:

  • Over 2,200 RYA recognized training centres in more thanĀ 44 countries.
  • 22,000 RYA instructors across the world.
  • 155,000 people completing RYA courses every year.
  • 130 years in existence.

Sailing Resume

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What is a Sailing Resume?

A sailing resume is essential and required by all Yacht Charter Companies. A sailing resume is a history of your sailing accomplishments i.e. education - experience - behavioral badges - competence demonstrations - Certifications etc.

For example, if you are awarded the ICC certification, at the minimum you most likely have passed the RYA Day Skipper Course, had at least 30 days or so of personal sailing experience over time and been sign off as proficient by an RYA approved Instructor. All these will be represented on your NauticEd Resume.

The NauticEd Sailing Resume

NauticEd's eLearning software automatically builds your sailing resume for you based on courses you take, entries you make into your logbook, your boating behaviors etc. We do this for FREE for our students.

Except for Europe, Yacht Charter Companies don't necessarily require a certification. And in fact many non ICC non government certifications are ignored and are worthless. More so they look into your resume to see if you meet their required expertise to safely manage their boat on a sailing vacation. Thus NauticEd's FREE cloud based resume system is the perfect place to store your accomplishments and be able to present in real time to anyone you like. Our proprietary algorithm matches your experience and education and automatically awards ranks and levels to your resume status. This helps yacht charter companies determine your worthiness. Our Ranking and leveling system was designed with input from Yacht Charter Companies as to what they REALLY require. They can view you by visiting:

and entering your email address and your private logbook code that you give them. You create a logbook code under your profile tab when logged in. Go there now and look at the example student Joe Sailor.

There are five Ranks and five Levels in our sailing resume. The Ranks are Qualified Crew, Skipper (small keelboat), Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master and NauticEd Captain. Ranks are dependent upon the online sailing courses that the student has successfully completed. The Levels are I through V and are dependent on the amount of practical sailing experience that a student has logged in their logbook. Time in the logbook is listed also by percent authenticated by crew mates who were on the boat at the time of your outing. Our Authentication software is brilliant if we say so our selves - and its FREE. Additionally, the sailing resume will represent any competency verification test-outs by Sailing Schools. The resume has built into the algorithm a way to short cut to level 1 by gaining a verified competence stamp from an RYA instructor or a preparatory trainer.

Another unique feature of the NauticEd sailing resume, is that everything is in real-time. The calculations are based on computer algorithms which, at the moment you reach a milestone, you are instantly awarded with your new Rank and Level and can gain immediate access to your new printable Resume summary.

Bareboat Yacht Charter Companies are most interested in those Resumes displaying the rank of NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Level III. This means that their resume is immediately acceptable having completed a prerequisite amount of theory study and practical experience. Note that many other certifying bodies although will present a student with a bareboat certificate, yet the amount of practical experience is too little to really qualify. Charter companies know this and will not immediately accept those students.

The video and graphic below illustrate how the Ranks and Levels work together to give a combined competency rating of the NauticEd Student. Additionally, Students who have attended any of our affiliated practical Hands-On Sailing Schools receive a Practical Verification stamp on their Sailing Resume which can only be added electronically by an authorized NauticEd Affiliate Sailing School.

Sailing Resume Ranks and Levels

  • Qualified Crew Member: Either the Qualified Crew Member Course or the Skipper Course or RYA Day Skipper Course + A minimum of 10 qualifying days on the water (Level I) or shortcut with 4 days and verified practical on-the-water competence by an affiliated NauticEd School instructor.
  • Skipper (small keelboat): Skipper Course or RYA Day Skipper Course + Maneuvering Under Power Course + A minimum of 10 qualifying days on the water (Level I) or shortcut with 4 days and verified competency.
  • Skipper: Skipper Course or RYA Day Skipper Course + Maneuvering Under Power Course + A minimum of qualifying 10 days on the water (Level I) or shortcut with 4 days and verified competency.
  • Bareboat Charter Master: Skipper Requirements + Bareboat Charter Course + Coastal Navigation Course(not required if passed RYA Skipper Course) + Electronic Navigation Course + Anchoring Course + A minimum of 50 qualifying days on the water (Level III).
  • Captain: Bareboat Charter Master Requirements + Sail Trim + Storm Tactics Clinic + Weather Clinic + Safety at Sea Clinic + A minimum of 50 qualifying days on the water (Level III).

See our FAQ Sailing Certificate page to understand qualifying days.

Additionally, the NauticEd Sailing Resume also reflects

  • Other educational courses not required for Ranking e.g. Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic, Celestial Navigation Clinics.
  • Any verified competence tests performed by a NauticEd Affiliated Sailing School.
  • VHF Operators endorsement required by certain European countries when the student has completed the Bareboat Charter Clinic.
  • Good Boater Badges and Status.
  • Authenticated Logbook entires view NauticEd's proprietary CrewMates software.
How to gain a Sailing certificate

Download a PDF of the above sailing certification plan.

At anytime, the software will give you an indication of how you are progressing.

Sailing certification progress bar

A day out on the water is counted as a minimum of 4 hours underway. For level advancement, at least 50% of a student's time must have been logged as master of the vessel and 50% of a student's time must be on a vessel greater than 20 ft (6m) for Skipper Small Keelboat, 25 ft (7.6m) for Skipper and 28 ft (8.4 m)for Bareboat Charter Master.

At any time when you login, our real time sailing resume algorithm takes a look at your profile and presents you with a progress bar similar to depicted here.

Most yacht charter companies accept students who have reached the NauticEd Sailing Resume Rank of Bareboat Charter Master Level III, therefore we encourage students to gain this achievement as soon as they can.

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FAQ information on the NauticEd Sailing Certificate.