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Vaughan Johansen

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NauticEd Credentials

  • Level V Skipper Rank Qualified Instructor/Assessor
  • American National Standards Instructor/Assessor

Other Credentials

USCG Captain (OUPV Near Coastal) ASA Certified Instructor Sail Canada Certified Instructor Transport Canada Certified Small Vessel Operator
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My personal comment and commitment to you

A USCG Captain and certified sailing instructor, Vaughan Johansen has taught sailing from the Florida Keys to the Canadian Arctic. An adult educator with 20 years standing, Vaughan's approach to sailboat instruction is to help students harness their strengths, push their boundaries and guide them through the challenges of sailboat operation and sailboat cruising. Vaughan holds certifications from the United States Coast Guard, the American Sailing Association, Sail Canada and Transport Canada. He has been teaching sailing and cruising in the Pacific Northwest since 2010. He sails a Grampian 26 sloop.

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Feedback from previous students

Jarrod H., Canada, BC Vancouver at 2022, Aug 08
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
James E., Canada, BC Smithers at 2022, Aug 08
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Vaughan is an affable and engaging instructor. We had fun learning to safely handle a sailboat in a variety of conditions. In spite of a little rough weather and high winds, I never felt unsafe with Vaughan's experience to guide us, and I'm thankful for having the experience sailing in the 22 kt winds because I will feel more comfortable when I inevitably experience them again. Would highly recommend Vaughan's course for anyone looking to get into sailing.
Mark R., Canada, AB Edmonton at 2022, Jul 22
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Chris G., Canada, BC Delta at 2022, Jul 13
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Vaughn provided a great environment for the students and gave everyone ample opportunity to perform required tasks. Feedback given was well judged. The boat was recently purchased and needed a couple of fixes/updates, but was very sound and handled very well. The course was a great refresh.
Dylan M., France, Ille-et-Vilaine Rennes at 2022, Aug 08
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Alexei P., Canada, BC Kelowna at 2022, Jun 14
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Great approach of learning, excellent feedback and advice, time manner daily checks, balanced mix of theory and practice with clear explanation of details.
Dylan S., Canada, North Vancouver at 2022, Aug 19
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Fantastic instructor - he made sure we learned, kept things light-hearted, and was kind when we made mistakes.
Laura B., Canada, BC North Vancouver at 2022, Jun 21
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Brad B., Canada, BC NORTH VANCOUVER at 2022, Jun 15
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Vaughn is a great guy and very knowledgeable, especially around the rules and regulations. His teaching style is very direct and hands-on, which was fine with me, but it may not be suitable for some. My only real issue was with the boat itself. We had signed up for the Skipper Large Keel course and the boat we learned on doesn't really fit the description of a large keel boat in my opinion (Grampian 25 with a tiller). Vaughn has now launched his new C&C 36, which he offered a day of sailing on but we were unable to accept, so this shoudl no longer be an issue.
Juan Carlos P., Canada, BC Vancouver at 2022, Sep 15
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
We have a great experience !! Thanks for everything
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