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Scott Schletz

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NauticEd Credentials

  • Level V Captain Rank Qualified Instructor/Assessor
  • American National Standards Instructor/Assessor
  • SLC Instructor/Assessor

Other Credentials

USCG 50 Ton Master w/sailing endorsement; SLC
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My personal comment and commitment to you

I have been a teacher all my life. From youth to adulthood, I've taught across the entire spectrum of people and subjects. I am ever patient and beleive everyone can learn and any obstacle can be overcome with the right instruction and mindset.

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Feedback from previous students

Jim K., USA, IL Crystal Lake at 2022, Jul 12
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
You will not find a better instructor in the industry. Scott passion for teaching is evident. He makes learning easy, fun and enjoyable.
Denise B., USA, IL Chicago at 2022, May 06
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Teaching is a skill that Scott excels. He goes over the skill to be assessed and will let the student do the maneuver and will give the student enough leeway to make mistakes and learn from them. Then, if necessary, the skill is attempted again and the process is much smoother. I learn from making mistakes and not repeating them. Scott gave me the opportunity to do all the skills with confidence. Confidence is tough to teach, but that's what Scott achieves. - Bravo!
Michael E., USA, FL Estero at 2022, May 05
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Words cannot describe how good Scott is as a teacher, particularly of an older person like myself. I am prone to over-complicate issues at times, and Scott would either give me the time/practice to works things out for myself, or gently nudge me back on course. Sailing can be dangerous, so when a firm hand was required, Scott would ensure the message was delivered - often wrapped in a velvet glove. Scott was born to do this!
Jeff w., USA, IL Chicago at 2022, May 06
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Scott is both patient and encouraging. Made me feel like we're doing this great adventure TOGETHER !!! Always felt like "We" can do this. Always fun, not pressure. Thank you "Brother" :-)
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