Iman (Emmy) Alsharkawi

Photo of Iman (Emmy) Alsharkawi
Broad-Run, Virginia USA

Level V Captain Rank Qualified Sailing Instructor / Assessor

Rated 4.93/5 by 3 students
It's a validated fact that wearing a flamingo floaty takes the edge off teaching how to med-moor into a tight marina; and somehow I've managed to successfully teach a lot of material in week-long live-aboard sailing course with only 1.2 days of sailable winds and staring into a shiny mirror of a glassy sea the remainder of the week! If it's not obvious, I'm quite the crack-pot and easy-going sailor. I love what I do! Grew up a farm-girl in Virginia, worked as an aerospace engineer for several years, then traded that life for quite the adventure at sea! I'm a total mega-nerd at heart, and adventurous! Passions include puzzles, travel, skydiving, photography, and fishing. I've sailed trans-Atlantic multiple times, (once in a glorified kayak with only a marine VHF radio and the stars!), the Caribbean, Baja, North and Baltic Sea regions, much of the Mediterranean (which I call my home sailing grounds), and the Adriatic Sea. I spend 2-3 weeks every month on a boat.


NauticEd Credentials

  • Level V Captain Rank Qualified Instructor/Assessor
  • American National Standards Instructor/Assessor
  • SLC Instructor/Assessor
  • Catamaran Instructor/Assessor

Other Credentials

ASA Instructor ratings: 201, 203, 204, 205, 207, 208, 214, 217, 219 GMDSS Radio Operator/Maintainer License Yachtmaster Offshore USCG MCL

Training and assessment

International License Training/Assessment

Notes: I am a traveling Instructor. I have taught all over the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Mediterranean. Let me know where you want to be trained.


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Feedback from previous students

Jeff M., USA, WA, sultan at 2021, Dec 01
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Emmy is the best!! She has a very easy way of teaching people! Thanks Emmy.
David V., USA, FL, Ponte Vedra Beach at 2021, Oct 03
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Emmy is an awesome instructor. She is very knowledgeable about the theory behind sailing and has the technical skills to demonstrate and teach
Konstantin M., USA, NY, Manhattan at 2021, Jun 10
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Emmy was very helpful in teaching us not only the technical details of sailing, but also the best practices around chartering boats and being on the water, such as getting familiar with the region and local charts, understanding local and charter company regulations (e.g. permitted travel areas, anchorages, moorings), pre-empting and addressing sea-sickness, inspecting and troubleshooting glitches with electronics and rigging, and communicating with the charter company. Her depth of experience gave us an appreciation for how much we can still learn, creating even more excitement for our future sailing adventures! Regarding the self-assessment survey question: While I would feel somewhat confident skippering a boat (particularly with a crew member of similar or complementary experience), I generally prefer to have a comfortable sailing experience. At this stage, I would feel more comfortable with an instructor or a captain on board, giving me an opportunity to work on my skills and c
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