Charter Sailing Vacations

If you're considering chartering a yacht on a sailing vacation, then NauticEd sailing school can help you qualify to be the skipper of the yacht or a knowledgeable crew member. If you have a good amount of experience, you probably already qualify and the charter sailing company will need to see your sailing resume/logbook and review any sailing certifications you may have.

How NauticEd Sailing School helps

  1. sailing certificateWe provide you with a FREE online Sailing Logbook/Resume that you build online from your past and ongoing experience. You can then use this to show your sailing experience to yacht charter companies.
  2. We provide you with online sailing lessons so that you can increase your knowledge of sailing. When you pass these sailing courses, they automatically show up in your NauticEd Sailing Resume. Yacht Charter Sailing Companies are more likely to lease the yacht to you if you've got a good grounding in sailing knowledge as well as sailing experience.
  3. We provide you access to sailing schools worldwide so that you can gain the practical sailing instruction and training if needed. When you are deemed proficient by a sailing school, your Sailing Resume is automatically updated to reflect your Verified Proficiency status.
  4. If you're going to be sailing in the MEDITERRANEAN some countries such as Greece and Croatia will require you to have a VHF (radio operators) Endorsement on your Sailing Certificate. The NauticEd Bareboat Charter Sailing Course qualifies you with the VHF endorsement.
  5. If you're just getting started in your research phase then we can help you with our list of Affiliated Yacht Charter Companies and Yacht Charter Brokers. Charter Brokers are sometimes a good way to go. They don't charge you a fee and will present unbiased options on where to go, how much experience you need and what courses and certifications you will need. If you're working with a Charter Company, don't wait long to make your reservation, boats get booked out many months in advance, especially catamarans.

From the data above - your NauticEd Rank and Level is calculated.

You can update your sailing experience logbook via the Nauticed iPhone application, the NauticEd Android application or via your Nauticed login Account. And it's so convenient, others can view your logbook online (when you give them your special logbook code) at student verification page.

Your personal Sailing Certification is then automatically presented to you based on your previous experience, sailing knowledge and verified proficiency. The Sailing Certificate is a graphical PDF Document that you can print out and display in your office. Each time you raise in Rank or Level a new sailing certificate is automatically made available to you.

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Learn more about the NauticEd Sailing Certification process.

Start building your FREE online sailing logbook today with NauticEd.

Recommended Pre-Charter Sailing Lessons

The list below is minimum list of sailing lessons a prudent sailor should complete before chartering a sailboat on a sailing vacation.

View the list of all the NauticEd sailing lessons and increase your sailing knowledge.

The FREE Navigation Rules Clinic

This FREE online sailing course is a great refresher course for EVERYONE. Take this FREE sailing course now and check out how simple and easy it is to take a NauticEd Sailing School online sailing course. Estimated time: 20 minutes. Cost: FREE SAILING COURSE.

Rules of the road when sailing  

Bareboat Charter Sailing Vacation Clinic

Taking a sailing vacation? All hands on deck - this is the yacht charter sailing course for you and ALL of your crew. Make your charter sailing vacation more enjoyable by getting ALL the bareboat charter tips you'll need. Estimated time: 5 hours. Cost:  $39.

sailing a bareboat on a chartered sailing vacation  

Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic (if chartering a cat)

Feeling the yearn to go sail a catamaran? This sailing lesson will give you the confidence to extrapolate your monohull experience into easily skippering a catamaran on a charter sailing vacation or even if you're considering buying a catamaran. The topics covered will point out and teach you the differences you need to know when sailing or maneuvering a catamaran. This clinic also includes a bonus "Maneuvering a Catamaran Under Power" interactive educational online sailing game. Estimated time: 3 hours. Cost: $39 Limited time introductory price $27.

A catamaran sailing confidence online sailing course  

Maneuvering a Sailboat Under Power - (no damage docking)

An absolutely essential maneuvering and sailboat docking course that will save you thousands in dents, crunches, bumps, crashes and scratches at the marina. Want to dock your boat like a pro every time? Want to impress? The real success comes when other people at the marina stop offering help and fenders because your look like you know exactly what you're doing. Take the most popular NauticEd Sailing School Course now! Estimated time: 3 hours. Cost:  $39.

docking a sailboat  

Coastal Navigation

Learn to navigate your sailboat. If you plan on sailing off shore or are taking a sailing vacation, you need this course. NauticEd Sailing School makes navigating a sailboat - a breeze. Learn about chart reading, plotting a course, dead reckoning, triangulating your position, running fixes, tides and current and much more. Estimated time: 10 hours. Cost: $39.

docking a sailboat  

No matter where you're taking your charter sailing vacation, NauticEd can help you.

Visit the NauticEd Sailing School home page. See a list of all NauticEd's online sailing courses.

Impress the Charter Sailing Company of your choice by building your FREE online sailing logbook then email them your logbook code. It's that simple!

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