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NauticEd Apps

NauticEd Courses and Testing App

Got iOS? Got Android? Get this!

NauticEd Courses App    NauticEd Courses App on Android


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NauticEd TrackLink App

TrackLink tracks your track and automatically adds your sailing adventures to your NauticEd Logbook

NauticEd TrackLink App


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NauticEd AnchorZone App

AnchorZone keeps you safe when anchoring. It's the easiest and best Anchor App out there.

NauticEd AnchorZone App


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For NauticEd Instructors Only - Assessment App

The Assessment App is used by NauticEd Instructors (only) to Assess students competency according to the American National Standards - EDU-3

NauticEd Assessment App  NauticEd Assessment App Android


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BVI Chart Briefing

NauticEd BVi Chart Briefing iBook

OR take the online class here with an embedded PDF here.

Alex Learns to Sail - iBook - Kids

NauticEd Alex Learns to Sail iBook

If you've got kids, this is a fun and educational fiction story book for them.

Revolutionary Hybrid Paper/eBook

So check this out - this Navigation Rules Paper book comes alive with animations and video - huh - how is that even possible?

How does a Hybrid paper/eBook work? Throughout the book, each time we feel like there needs to be a video or animation to explain a concept better we have placed a QR code. When you scan that QR code with any QR reader on your mobile device, including using the FREE NauticEd App, the book comes alive. Scan the QR code to the right now and watch what happens.

Besides that, this full color glossy cover 92 page book is an ESSENTIAL reference for every boater. We explain the rules in simple language that takes a dry topic of "rules" into an entertaining and alive format. You'll power through this hybrid book in around an hour. At the end you'll be so confident in your knowledge of the rules that you will ace the free accompanying test online (with a free NauticEd account). We guarantee that you'll be recommending this book to everyone.

Buy the revolutionary Navigation Rules Hybrid paper/eBook now!

Tap the book image above to download the first 7 pages in PDF format.

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