British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing

British Virgin islands

The British Virgin Islands Fast Check Out Chart Briefing is NOW AVAILABLE on the Apple App Store.

Now you can save valuable time at the base AND have ALL the pertinent information at hand whilst on your charter.

The British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing is Presented in 12 Modules

    • Introduction to the BVI
    • Weather, Tides and Conditions
    • Navigation
    • Making Contact
    • Permits, Docking and Mooring
    • General Safety
    • Fuel, Water and Groceries
    • The Local Scene
    • Returning the Yacht
    • Sample Charter Itineraries
    • History of the Island Group
    • Favorite Drink Concoctions

The NauticEd BVI Chart Briefing is accepted by most BVI charter companies as a preferred alternative to the on-site briefing because of the thoroughness of the information and that the information is at the client's fingertips.

You won't need to purchase this course again here to do the test. To get the test for FREE simply:

  1. Register for the Online Version on our sailing courses page and use the Promocode given to you in the App. Enter all the letters together without the spacer and all lower case. 
  2. You can then take the test online when you login or by using your free NauticEd iPad testing App. Visit our Sailing Apps page to get the Testing App.

An online non-interactive printable PDF download version of the British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing is also available for those without iPads. In both cases you'll need to pass the associated test. You can take the test online or on your iPad/iPhone via a FREE NauticEd testing App available from the iTunes App Store.

Once you have passed the test, the course will show as "Passed" on your NauticEd Sailing Certification which is viewable:

  1. On the iPad via the Testing App.
  2. Online (in a PDF printable format) when you login.
  3. By visiting and entering your login email and logbook code (from your profile page).

Simply present any one format to the Base Manager for a fast check out.

Note 1: This does not substitute for a check out of the boat or a personal questioning to ensure your are qualified to skipper your chartered vessel.

Note 2: Some BVI Charter Companies will still require you to sit through a shortened briefing.

Note 3: It is highly recommended that you take and pass the NauticEd Bareboat Sailing set of courses prior to your charter.

Note 4: This course and information is totally awesome? Know what you're getting into before hand and have this info at your finger tips when on your charter.

Note 5: Have an incredibly fun trip to the BVI.

Note 6: If you haven't made a booking yet, NauticEd can help you find the best charter company and prices for no fee. Contact us using our sailing vacations page.