British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing Course

By Captain Kevin LaFond with Captain Grant Headifen

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Preparing for your Charter in the British Virgin Islands is an exciting time, yet what should you be doing? Contained within this BVI Chart Briefing, available by registering here in PDF or via the iBook store, is all the information that the charter company will give you in their briefing.

You'll learn NO-GO-Zones, emergency VHF channels, dangerous reefs and rocks, medical emergency contacts,  suggested itineraries, favorite bars and restaurants, mooring buoy colors, re-provisioning stores etc etc. Thus many charter companies will give you a fast-check-out once you arrive if you have completed this course. This can then save you valuable on-the-water time, rather than being stuck in a room listening to a full briefing and having to scribble down notes. And, throughout the week, at the touch of a button, you'll have all the proper info ready at hand. 

Also included are two bonus chapters: Trivia history of the island group to quiz your crew while anchored up under a warm Caribbean night sky and favorite drink concoctions of the island group.

Register here for the BVI Fast Check-Out Chart Briefing. You'll receive an online interactive version and a  downloadable PDF.  Or you can take the course on the iPad.

How to do this via iPad

1) NOTE: If you have an iPad, your best experience will be to register for the course here then download the NauticEd Course and Testing App from the Apple App Store. This course and all your other courses will be then available on your iPad where you can review the course materials online or offline and take the test. In this manner, the course reference material will be available to you offline when in the BVI.

2) Alternatively, if you have already downloaded the British VIrgin Islands Fast Check Out Chart Briefing App from Apple iTunes for your iPad, you won't need to pay for this course again here to do the test. The iPad BVI App version will give you a promocode directly that you use to register for this course for free (since you already paid Apple for it). Enter all the letters together without the spacer and all lower case. Hint you'll be entering 13 letters. Once you have registered for free using the promocode, take the test here online of by using the Testing App.

(4) Show your NauticEd Sailing Certificate to the charter company to provide proof of passing the course. Your certificate is available here online under your sailing resume tab AND if you have an iOS device with the Testing App you can see your Certificate on the App.

British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing

BVI Chart Briefing

No worries if you don't have an iPad

When you buy the course here online you get an online version but we recognise that you need the material whilst in the islands where you will not be online. Thus, we provide you inside the course with a printable non-interactive PDF version that you can print out and take. OR if you have an Android tablet simply load the PDF onto your Android device.

When you pass the accompanying test, many Charter Bases will award you a fast check-out. Meaning you won't be wasting valuable on-the-water vacation time sitting in a briefing room. You're in the BVI for a short time, why waste EXTREMELY valuable charter time waiting around for the chart briefing.

Contained with in this course is everything that you will be told by the charter company about what you need to know for a successful BVI charter vacation PLUS sooooo much more. Included are all the emergency numbers, VHF channels, weather sites and channels, what to watch out for bad + good. IE everything!


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BVI Chart Briefing