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2800 Bartons Bluff Lane
Suite 2605
Austin, TX 78746
Ph USA: (+1) 512-696-1070

For Login issues

  1. Password - Hit the forgot password button on the login page and a new password will be automatically emailed to you to the email address on record.
    • Check your junk box - (set up as a safe email sender).
    • Change your password in your myProfile tab
  2. Ensure you are using the same email address which you have on record with us.
    • Change your contact email address in your myProfile tab
  3. You're welcome to call us. We love talking sailing and stuff. If we're unavailable, leave a message but please ensure to clearly leave your login details and detailed description of your issue.
    • Often times it's better to also email us at the same time with the issue so that we get the spelling of everything correct first time around.
  4. Other Issues:
    • Call (leave clear details on message if we don't pickup) or email us. We'll get right back. If you call, be careful, we love talking sailing and so we might ask about your sailing habits, where you've sailed and what your sailing dreams are.
  5. BVI Chart Breifing
    • Please ensure that you have followed the instructions exactly on the first page of the eBook.
  6. Email
    • Email us at the address above - sorry it's an image to stop the spam crawlers.


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