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India has a massive coastline & some of the best locations to learn Sailing in the world! The eastern coast of India receives stable & strong trade winds almost 9 months per year giving us a really long sailing season. You might have heard that sailing is very difficult to learn but that may not be entirely true. It is easy and anyone who is fond of it can become a good sailor. Our sailing school is located in the state of Tamil Nadu on the south east coast of India. The channel between India & Sri Lanka is dotted with islands, lagoons & surf spots. Wind blows at an average of 18 to 25 knots all day every day in our summer season April to September & in our winter season we get afternoon winds 10 to 15 knots December to March in short we can sail through the year! I have been sailing since 1998 on dinghies & now on a gorgeous sailing Catamaran seaQuest in some of the best sailing conditions India has to offer. Courses I offer are for beginners & intermediate sailors.

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