Sailing Games

Multimedia interactive sailing games help with sailing education because you're using more of your sences like on a real sailboat.


Play Cat NED. You're in the Caribbean and you've got to dock the catamaran into the customs dock, get weather information, re supply the boat and head out - all inside 5 minutes. Don't hit any docks or any other boats. Challenge your friends to beat your time. To play the FREE Catamaran Maneuvering Sailing Game, you must login to NauticEd. If you don't have an account, just set one up - it's easy and FREE.

Watch the Cat NED video below then login and play Cat NED. The Cat NED game also forms part of the training used in the Catamaran Sailing Confidence Course whereby you learn to maneuver a Catamaran under power using the dual throttle controls.

Advanced NED Sailing Games

Play Advanced NED the Sail Trim Game. You're a sail-trimmer in a race. You've got to trim the sails as fast as you can to their best positions for each leg of the race. The skipper will be maneuvering the boat around the buoys. At every buoy, you will have to re-trim the sails. Trim the sails to maximize the speed of the boat. There are two sailing games with advanced NEd one short course and one longer course.

Each game lasts about 1-2 minutes depending on how good you are. To play the FREE Advanced NED the Sail Trim Sailing Games, you must login to NauticEd. If you don't have an account, just set one up - it's easy and FREE.

Watch the Advanced NED sailing video below then login and play the Advanced NED Sailing Games.



Understand the relation between the wind and the set of your sails. Play with NED, the world's most high tech sailing simulator. NED is an interactive sail training tool for beginner sailors. The speed of the boat is maximized when you have the sails set perfectly. You can turn the boat to a new wind condition then reset the sails. No more sail-zone diagrams on a blackboard - Learn to sail with NED.

free sailing games

There are a vast array of other sailing games on the internet and on tablet devices. We'll attempt to post some of these app related games on our Sailing Apps page