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November 2012

test-out of the Skipper Sailing Course

Ground Breaking Technology for Safe Boating

"John you should meet Joe - he's a big time sailor" - You've heard that plenty of times before - but is Joe really a big time sailor? What's the gauge? And what about you? Are you a really big time sailor or not? Are you a safe sailor? A good boat owner? Are you good at proper maintenance? Are you a social sailor? An active sailor?

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October 2012

“What’s better than a fun electronic kids game on an iPad? Learning to sail a dinghy using the interactive capabilities of an iPad – that’s what!”

That’s what NauticEd is saying about their latest iBook “Your first Weekend of Dinghy Sailing”. The 60 page ibook is focused on teaching kids how to get started in sailing. 

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June 2011

test-out of the Skipper Sailing Course

Social Proof for Sailing Instructors

On-line product reviews are in demand these days by consumers prior to making a purchase. A recent Nielsen report stated that forty-nine percent of online shoppers said they trusted consumer opinions posted online.

Investing your time, money and well-being in a professional sailing school instructor is serious business. So wouldn't it be great to know what other students thought about the sailing instructor you're about to choose? ...

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April 2011

test-out of the Skipper Sailing Course

NauticEd Encourages Advanced Sailors to Get a Sailing Certification

This is NauticEd's latest strategy to help advanced sailors get beyond the requirements to sit entry level sailing courses and to focus on advanced education. "What we've found is that advanced sailors want the education and the associated sailing certifications, but they're unwilling to have to go back and study the basics just to get the certification process started" said Grant Headifen, Director of Education for NauticEd...

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Anchoring a sailboat Sailing Course

NauticEd Launches a New Sailing Course: Anchoring a Sailboat

Today NauticEd released another sailing course: Anchoring a Sailboat. The sailing course focuses on knowledge required to effectively and successfully anchor a sailboat.

Captain's Alex and Daria Blackwell, authors of The Art of Anchoring, wrote the NauticEd specific sailing course. The sailing course consists of 12 modules and will be sold for $17 online at our courses section.

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December 2010

safety at sea sailing course

NauticEd Releases Qualified Crew Member Rank Sailing Certificate

NauticEd increased it’s sailing certification offering today by making an exciting addition to the NauticEd family of Sailing Ranks. This announcement follows right on the heals of releasing the Safety at Sea clinic allowing for the advanced graduation to the Rank of NauticEd Captain.

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kids sailing education

NauticEd Releases an Interactive and Educational Sailing eBook for Kids

“A sailboat!” yelped Alex with glee as he uncovered his eyes and gazed upon a shiny dinghy sailboat sitting proud on a trailer in the garage.  

Alex’s dad was happily standing next to him with his arm over his shoulder. “Happy Birthday, Son,” he said, “he’s all yours now.”

That’s the opening two paragraphs in NauticEd’s new FREE educational and interactive eBook called Alex Learns to Sail.

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November 2010

safety at sea sailing course

NauticEd Releases Captain's Rank

Today, NauticEd Online Sailing School announced its release of the NauticEd Captain’s Rank. This coincides with the posting of the NauticEd Safety at Sea Clinic which is the final required course to attain the Sailing Certification Rank. The NauticEd Captain’s Rank focuses entirely on ...

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safety at sea sailing course

NauticEd Releases New Safety at Sea Online Sailing Course

Today, NauticEd Sailing School announced the posting of its online Safey at Sea Clinic. Written by Captain Ed Mapes who has logged close to 100,000 miles on the ocean, the Safety at Sea clinic focuses on safety and rigging issues that sailors will experience at sea.

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September 2010


press release

NauticEd Boat Partnership Sharing Software Released - myBoat

“With an Internet based sharing software program, a member of a shared boat feels like they have almost total access to the boat’s time." Today, NauticEd released a consumer version of sharing software configurable for most sharing situations.

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April 2010


press release

NauticEd Local Sailing Places

NauticEd’s claim to be the World’s Most Advanced Online Sailing Education racked up another tick mark today by paralleling Google’s recent announcement of Google Places.

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March 2010

Article in Cruising World Magazine

Taking Online Sailing Instruction to a New Level

February 2010


press release

NauticEd Announces Pacific Island Post Graduation Sailing Flotilla

NauticEd Online Sailing School will begin offering a Post Graduate Sailing Flotilla to its students. Students who graduate to the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Rank will be invited ...

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January 2010


press release

NauticEd Opens Flag Ship Practical Sailing Training School

NauticEd Online Sailing School announced today that the 30 year old and well respected Charter Sailing Company, Annapolis Bay Charters, would become it’s first Flag Ship Practical Training Sailing School.

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press release

NauticEd and Safe Passage Sailing To Provide Sailing Adventures

NauticEd Online Sailing School announced today that it would begin providing sailing adventures to it’s students ...Read the PDF

November 2009

press release

NauticEd Releases Online Sailing Game - Cat NED

NauticEd Online Sailing School has just released a new online sailing game. The game helps catamaran sailors gain essential skills in maneuvering a catamaran in a tight marina. ...Read the PDF


September 2009

press release

NauticEd Releases Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic

Today, NauticEd announced the release of it's Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic. Co-developed with Lagoon Catamarans, the clinic focuses on helping students gain the confidence needed ... Read the PDF

press release

NauticEd Releases High-Tech High-Touch Sailing Certification

Once again, NauticEd lives up to its tag line of being “The World’s Most Advanced Online Sailing Education” by unveiling its FREE electronic logbook for sailors and the NauticEd Sailing Certification.

Since the invention of the sail, sailors have struggled with entering time-on-the-water into a logbook. Yet ...Read the PDF

July 2009

press release

NauticEd Releases NED - an interactive online sailing instructor

Today, NauticEd again lived up to its tag line of being "The World's Most Advanced Online Sailing Education" by unveiling it's latest teaching tool - NED. Read the PDF

press release

NauticEd Releases Coastal Navigation Sailing Lesson

Today, NauticEd announced the release of the Captain Ed Mapes' NauticEd Coastal Navigation Clinic.Read the PDF

March 2009

press release

NauticEd Gains Key Industry Endorsements

As learning to sail is becoming more popular due to a greener approach to water sports, NauticEd has gained 3 more important endorsements from key sailing related companies. Read the PDF