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How to gain your SLC Mediterranean Sailing License


The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is a recreational sailing license valid for all yacht charter companies worldwide including Europe and the Seychelles. To gain an SLC, the candidate must take online theroy knowledge self-paced classes, log previous sufficient sailing experience on boats of reasonably similar size, and demonstrate practical sailing skills according to internationally established sailing standards.

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  • NauticEd is a United States Coast Guard recognized Sailing Education Body and recognized under the American National Standards by this official letter of recognition


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Sufficient Documented and Recent Experience

An SLC holder must have logged a minimum of 50 days of sailing, 25 of which must be as master of the vessel. Additionally, the SLC card shows the vessel size endorsement. This size is calculated as the greater of either: 10 feet (3 m) greater than the largest size of vessel the holder has sailed as master of the vessel at least 5 times.

In addition to the above, when issued or re-issued, the holder must have sailed at least 10 times within the past two years or 5 times in the past year.

Practical Competence to Internationally Recognized Standards

Gaining an SLC requires an on-the-water assessment of the candidates sailing skills and knowledge. The requirements for passing the SLC assessment exceeds the requirements for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) as well as the American National Standards. This assessment must be completed by an SLC qualified instructor who verifies the student's competence for international bareboat charter worthiness including navigation. See the SLC Sailing License Assessment rubrics here.

International Sailing Theory Knowledge and Testing

An SLC holder has completed a minimum of 40 hours of international sailing theory education and testing - namely, the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of courses. Topics include Skippering, Docking and Maneuvering a Sailboat Under Power, Coastal Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Anchoring, and Bareboat Chartering. And if the Catamaran vessel type is checked on the SLC, the holder has taken a course on Catamaran sailing and maneuvering and logged at least 1 day of catamaran sailing in addition to the experience requirement listed above.

Verification of Theory Knowledge

In additional to the general sailing education and testing, an SLC holder has recently taken a separate and independent 100-question test to verify their theory knowledge. This test must be taken every 3 years to remain current.

Test modules include:

  • Weather and Sea Conditions
  • Boat Systems
  • Rigging and Sails
  • Collision Prevention
  • Slip Departures and Returns
  • Sailing
  • Communication
  • Navigation: Charts and Marks
  • Navigation: Calculations
  • Navigation: Tides and Current
  • Navigation: Plotting
  • Navigation: Electronic
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Safety and Emergencies

Logical Safety Restrictions on Vessel Size, Type, Tonnage, and Distance

The SLC states the safety restrictions placed on the holder. These restrictions are based upon the holder's real practical experience of skippering vessels in the past such as: maximum length, type, and gross tonnage of the vessel in addition to the distance allowed off shore.


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Quite frankly, there are too many organizations "selling" certifications. This endangers the holder of those certifications, their friends, their family, close by boaters, and charter-boat vessels. This practice raises insurance rates for the responsible sailors, soaks up search and rescue resources, and gives false confidence to poorly trained and inexperienced sailors.

NauticEd takes a stand for quality and ensures its students are confident and competent. Thus, the SLC. It is a verification of the Sailing License and Credentials of a worthy sailor.

This means that the holder of an SLC has:

  • a valid national government boating endorsed license
  • sufficient documented on-the-water sailing experience; on a properly sized vessel
  • recent documented on-the-water sailing experience
  • been assessed to the ICC standard for on-the-water sailing competence
  • completed and passed at least 40 hours of theory study including Coastal and Electronic Navigation
  • completed a 100-question test on all aspects of skippering, sailing, bareboat chartering, and navigation
  • authentic credentials; all data is secured and verified online through this portal

Finally, the SLC exceeds any other international required standard for bareboat chartering. You should extend any bareboat chartering courtesy possible to the holder.

Enter the SLC number of the card holder above to view and verify their Sailing License and Credentials as well their full sailing resume.

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NauticEd is the only government and US Coast Guard recognized sailing body in the USA.

Thus, as a government recognized sailing body, once NauticEd deems a student has met the licensing and credential requirements above, NauticEd issues the SLC. This SLC serves as a valid Sailing License accepted internationally.