NauticEd Advantages

Bareboat Charter Sailing Course

NauticEd is one of the hottest companies leading the sailing industry today. With our interactive multimedia online sailing courses, online logbook, and realtime certifications we appeal to the greater percentage of sailors. Having your company affiliate with NauticEd will bring you more customers. Your customers will be safer and more qualified, and more likely to upgrade to larger vessels and catamarans.

NauticEd's Online Sailing Resume is heavily based on prior sailing experience and knowledge. Therefore our graduates to the Bareboat Charter Master Level III are highly qualified potential clients for you.

Apply to be a NauticEd Affiliated Charter Company.

When a charter prospect clicks through to us from your site, we automatically register that prospect as belonging to you. We then display your logo on all of our pages that are viewed by that prospect and we feed that prospect registration directly back to you. You don't pay us a commission if that prospect is registered to you. It's the ultimate lead capture and marketing program. Apply now!

Above: Our Bareboat Charter Course is available online, in PDF printable format and on the Apple iBooks store. Your charterers who have taken this course will be safer, more knowledgeable and an overall better client for your company. Why wouldn't you want your entire client base more qualified?