Opportunities with NauticEd Sailing School

NauticEd has Numerous Opportunities for Companies and Individuals to Profit.

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A) Language Partner

If you're a sailor and bilingual, we'd like to talk with you about becoming a Language Partner.world languages

NauticEd is currently expanding all our sailing courses into multiple languages. You could make as much as 35% recurring income on each and every NauticEd Sailing Course that is sold in your language.

The selected partner will have the following:

  • Have excellent written language skills in both English and your 2nd language.
  • Approximately 4 weeks of time to take the auto translated courses and refine them into easily flowing sailing language. No content development is required, just refining the auto translation.
  • Time to advocate and evangelize the NauticEd concept in host countries using your language.
  • Time to answer customer service emails. (2-3 hours per month)
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • A passion for sailing
  • Rudimentary Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop skills
  • Owning a sailboat for blogging purposes is also a desirable attribute

No html or programming skills are required. The proprietary software we have developed has a simple interface to make live changes.

B) Sailing School

sailing trainingIf you're a sailing school wanting to secure your position in the 21st century, you'll know that students are already looking for an eLearning solution for theory and cloud based resume. Make sure you're on the right side of history by offering your students what they are already looking for.

You don't have to stock books, stock tests, mail anything to anyone, grade tests, pay a yearly fee. You just do what you're good at - practical training.

At the end of the sailing training, if the student is deemed proficient, you login to NauticEd and digitally mark their sailing resme with one click. Before the student can drive home, their sailing resume is up to date with your school permanently digitally stamped on their certificate and resume.

Wow! – That's what a 21st century sailing school should be like.

The NauticEd Sailing Resume is accepted globally by the world's largest charter companies.

Dozens of students sign up with us daily. Thus we become a good source of students for your business. If you want to take it a step further and offer professional practical training under the RYA system, we can help arrange that. This will allow you to offer the International Certificate of Competence - the ICC - a much sought after and European required Sailing Licence authorized by United Nations under Resolution 40. Talk to us.

C) Fractional Ownership and Fractional Membership Sailing Center

fractional sailboat ownershipNauticEd's very own Director of Education is one of the most knowledgeable persons on the planet  regarding fractional usage of boats. Grant Headifen conceived and developed the SailTime company into 30 franchises around the globe way back in 1999. He has consulted to many other companies doing fractional ownership and fractional membership including the world's largest manufacturers, Beneteau and Hunter Marine.

He has written multiple white papers on these concepts which are available when you contact us.

NauticEd's fractional usage software is completely configurable for most fractional usage situations. You'd spend tens of thousands of dollars and months of management time developing this. And that's if you got it right the first time.

The BIG opportunity right now lies in taking profit from the highly depressed second hand market and spinning those boats through a highly willing fractional ownership market. Talk to us more for insight into the greatest timing situated opportunity in the sailing business today.

And if you're thinking about getting started in this hot industry, save yourself thousands of $ by using NauticEd's systems rather than inventing them yourself.

D) Experiential Training

Experiential trainingThousands of dollars can me made using our turn-key Corporate Experiential Training program. Originally developed in South Africa by a team of sailors and psychologists, this training is world class. Corporations already pay thousands of dollars in your city to sit in a room and listen to someone pontificate about team cooperation and development. A properly formulated Experiential Training program on a sailboat over a 2 day period can gel a team of individuals faster than any other program we know of. All the while saving the corporation from months of time in poor team operations. Thus give high payback on their investment. In your city right now there are team facilitators looking for new and exciting ways to run these types of programs. Use our proprietary materials, contact us, contact them and just put it together on your fleet of boats – it's that easy.

E) Become an Affiliateatsailing

Sending traffic to NauticEd can earn you 25% of the value of a NauticEd Course. We've done the years of investment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in course and technology development. You just send traffic to us and make the $.  That's a no brainer!

Go to https://www.nauticed.org/affiliatesailingcourses for more information on becoming a NauticEd affiliate.

F) Putting it all together.

Team Training through sailingIf you're in business, you understand that you need to maximize profit on every thing you can. Imagine owning a Fractional Ownership – Charter Boat -Sailing School - Experiential Training Sailing Center! Now, stop imagining!

NauticEd can help you.

Contact us today!