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Learn about NauticEd's high tech solutions and educational materials and how NauticEd helps you get exposure to new Students.

We've entered a new age of technology and NauticEd is leading the field by it's advanced approach to the sailing education and the sailing certification. We believe that by reaching out to students with our technology systems we can meet them where they want to be.

But we also have designed our systems around helping practical training schools such as yourselves succeed as well. We're highly in tune with the fact that a student can't learn the feel of the ocean and the wind behind a computer terminal but the same argument applies to a student reading a sailing book. We provide the theory in an interactive multimedia format that captivates and excites the student which has them better prepared when they show up to be trained by you - the professional. Then we help the student manage and grow their own Sailing Certification online.

Watch our 3 minute video on
how your students can gain a NauticEd sailing certificate.

The NauticEd Sailing Certification is unquestionably the most technologically advanced sailing certification in the world. We're taking self taught students and sending them back to, not only the class room, but into practical sailing school facilities. Students get a Practical Sailing Verification stamp on their logbook when they visit a practical sailing school. That's why NauticEd is in partnership with practical sailing schools not in competition. We encourage you to visit our FAQ Sailing Certification page.

A quick tour around the NauticEd technology systems and you're going to see why students are embracing practical sailing schools who offer this as an educational option.

  • Real time experience logbook: Students can update their logbook via iPhone, Facebook, mobile browser or NauticEd web interface. the system tracks their experience and gives them a level grade based on their experience. You can offer this to your students for FREE.
  • Real time Certificate updates from classes: The moment a student passes a theory class they are instantly recognized by the class appearing on their certificate. No more waiting for weeks for certificate stickers. You offer this service to your students for FREE.
  • Real time Certificate updates from Instructors: Once you've tested a student out for ont he water skills and you deem them proficient, you can login, do a quick search for the student and click on the practical rank for which they have passed. This updates their certificate instantly. You can offer this service to your students for FREE.
  • Real time pass fail: students receive instant feedback in their own environment on the theory courses. This deflates the intimidation factor and increases the number of students passing theory courses and of course the number of students who want practical lessons.
  • Online courses and testing: This gives the student more quality time with you on your boats on the water. It's what the student wants and it's probably what you want and are best at.
  • Online Verification of Certificate: Charter companies and the like can instantly verify a students education and practical verification by logging in to You can offer this service to your students for FREE.
  • Automatic display of your logo on the NauticEd site: When a student links from you - your logo is displayed on the NauticEd site and every time they return giving you extra branding. the student remains tied to you for commission purposes forever.
  • Interactive Educational and Experiential online games: In this day and age, a school should be offering this kind of teaching to demanding students. You can offer this to your students without the high development costs.

In a matter of a few short years, NauticEd has created all this along with all the course material. Where are we headed next? Over the horizon - come join us!

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The following is a blog we wrote last year about the advantages of Practical Sailing Schools working with a high tech solution company like NauticEd.

Practical Sailing Schools "get" NauticEd

Sailing schools are starting to use NauticEd online sailing courses and lessons. And while NauticEd does not suggest that online learning is a replacement for practical sailing training, there is still a vast need for delivery of the theory of sailing. If there was no theory in sailing then no books would have ever been written. So NauticEd delivers theory and sailing schools can build upon that theory when one on one with the student as well as deliver all the sailing practical hands on training.

So - there are several reasons that sailing schools are using NauticEd.

Meeting modern day student's time demands

Most people are busy and the thought of sitting in a class room on a Saturday morning or Tuesday evening achieves just the opposite of what we are all trying to do which is to get more people enjoying the sailing lifestyle. Having the material presented in their own time in a modular format so that the student can come and go under their own time constraints is much more conducive to peoples desires.

Removing the intimidation factors

Students that complete the NauticEd online sailing courses are more apt to sign up for practical lessons once they find out that this mysterious sailing phenomenon is actually not that difficult to understand after all. This gets more people off the internet and into the hands of the schools.

Brand loyalty

NauticEd has created a technology whereby Students that visit NauticEd through a link from a sailing school see the logo of that sailing school on all pages through out the NauticEd site. This gives the student a brand recognition with that school and keeps them loyal to that school when selecting a school for practical training.

Off Season training

Seasonal schools still have the ability to be offering sailing training during off season times. Often during the winter, people are thinking about spring - yet they can't get any training until the ice thaws. With NauticEd a school can get and keep a student excited until they are ready to get on the water.

Consistency of training

When multiple students are being trained on one boat at the same time, often the instructor has to spend more time with one student because of the lack of theory understanding. This is frustrating to the faster students. When all students show up with the NauticEd skipper certificate then the instructor knows that all students have reached the same understanding level. Giving all students a better experience during the practical exercises.

Increased ranking in search engines

Google, yahoo etc base most of their page ranking on who is linking to you. A school with more high level links coming in is thus ranked better and better means above their competitors. NauticEd creates not only a link back to the school but also provides good tasty searchable keyword text back to the school - further increasing the school's search engine ranking.

Taking nothing away and only adding

With an alliance to NauticEd, nothing is removed from the schools ability to teach in a good and professional manner. Students show up more informed and their learning experience is enhanced.

More time spent "behind the wheel"

In a given amount of teaching time, focusing more on the practical exercises rather than having to re-cover the theory, gives students more practical understanding. Thus students showing up with the theory already under their belt increases everyone's experience.

Instructors would rather be sailing

We'd all rather be on the water than in the classroom. Students that have taken NauticEd online sailing courses spend less time in the class room - good for them and good for the instructors.

Theory knowledge can still be built upon on the boat

Having a basis in theory knowledge whilst ont he boat will undoubtedly lead to newer and higher level questions. These can be answered by the instructor on the boat, again giving everyone a higher level experience.

Additional Income for the sailing school

All sales in all commerce is rewarded with a commission. It's standard and accepted practice for moving products and services to the people who desire the product of service. NauticEd rewards the Sailing School who provided the NauticEd educational sailing service to the student. When a Student links through from that school and for ever more - that school is rewarded on each and every NauticEd online sailing course taken by that student.

PLUS read our blog on the social proof tool for sailing instructors to get more students coming your way.