Learn to Sail

Just how hard is it to learn to sail. I meet people on airplanes all the time and their comment is many times “sailing? Isn’t that hard”. Well, was it hard learning to ride a bike? Kinda. Is it easy riding a bike now? well … yes. So learning to sail is similar. There are […]

Beating Seasickness

One of the best forms of cure for seasickness when sailing a sailboat is for the skipper to give up the helm to the ailing crew member. Strange and unnatural as it may seem this will usually work within 3-4 minutes. Why? Well you’ve always heard that a seasick person should concentrate on the horizon […]

Why the crew course?

We wrote the crew course because of quite a few instances when running my sailing company. Often a spouse of a member would call up and ask for private lessons with out her husband on board. And so becoming a marriage counselor seemed to be part of the job. Actually it really turns out to […]