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Offshore Captain Rank

Offshore sailing and passage making is the pinnacle of sailing knowledge, training, and experience. Setting sail into the sunset requires many practicalities and competencies that must be learned for you and your crew's safety and well-being. The Offshore Captain Practical Sailing Course covers all the knowledge and skills you need to safely sail offshore.

and online

The knowledge online + your school's on-the-water training is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive training available. Learn at your own pace and test knowledge online, and when on-the-water you'll be fully immersed in learning skills and gaining experience with qualified and experienced instructors.

What you will learn

NauticEd and affiliate schools recognize the Offshore Captain rank as the most comprehensive program. The online learning includes 10 courses, including essentials such as Safety at Sea, Storm Tactics, and Global Weather Understanding. NauticEd practical offshore on-the-water instructors are many of the most experienced sailors in the world.

Training on-the-water under an expert instructor is worth every penny! The math is simple: how much do you value your safety and skills in potentially hazardous situations when self-sufficiency is key? An experienced instructor will not only train those skills and competencies, but also will keep you safe and comfortable during the journey. And, your instructor's experience is important in more ways: all the tips, lessons learned, mistakes made, advice, sea stories, and strategies learned only by years of experience.

The reward? Challenge yourself, learn the skills, become competent, and you can go anywhere. Join the elite ranks of sailors who call the ‘ocean' and the deep blue their home.

NauticEd student Guide

NauticEd Student Guide

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Upon successfully passing a theory and practical assessment, and logging appropriate experience, you'll earn the NauticEd Captain Rank certification that goes into your sailing resume: giving you the confidence to sail well beyond the sight of land.

Certificate Nautical competence
American national standard badge

Training you can trust

NauticEd is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard as conforming to the American National Standard for sailing training and assessment. NauticEd's sailing license exceeds the United Nations (UNE) resolution 40 ICC competence standards for yacht charter and is accepted by port authorities worldwide.

Get started today

NauticEd training begins with theory & knowledge courses online, which you complete at your own pace, and then practical on-the-water training and assessment with an affiliated school or private instructor.

Get started with the knowledge-theory online portion of the course

Purchase the Captain Rank course bundle and get started immediately online! If new to NauticEd, you will also receive 2 free bonus courses and an electronic logbook.

Schedule on-the-water training

Fill out from below to contact Sailing Lessons to inquire about their courses and schedule practical training.

As a bonus "thank you", we'll give you two FREE sailing courses and electronic logbook!
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