New Sailing T-Shirts and Tanks

Sailing is supposed to be fun Check out our new line of fun NauticEd T-shirts and Tanks on the Amazon USA site. View our branded T-shirt and tote page. These two below are for NauticEd Sailing Vacations This one below is for NauticEd Education And we’ve even got matching tote bags Order yours and your […]

Childhood Cancer and Youth Sailing

September is Childhood Cancer Month NauticEd’s Support of Childhood Brain Cancer Works to Help Kids Worldwide Childhood brain cancer became a nightmare reality in February 2021 to the family of Grant Headifen, owner and founder of NauticEd International Sailing Education. “We were just about to launch our Youth Sailing program when the devastating MRI results […]

10 Best Boat Drinks

Some Easy Sailing Cocktails For Your Sailing Vacation Mixologist or not, you can make your sailing vacation a cut above the rest by mixing a few yummy drinks for your crew. You can even use your imagination once you start to realize what goes with what. Quick anecdote – It was Greece 2019 in the […]

Yacht Charter in Saint Martin

Recently, our Client Michael L. and friends went to Saint Martin for a 1-week yacht charter on a Lagoon 42 ft Catamaran. We asked Michael to do a write-up of the area and his vacation. Here it is below. NauticEd are Yacht Charter Agents. We can arrange a sailing vacation for you. We have advice […]

How Does NauticEd Compare to ASA, and US Sailing

Born in 2008, NauticEd started with a vision to make sailing education accessible and inexpensive to the masses. As the company grew, it became obvious that many organizations were not utilizing the full extent of technology to continue education through to deliverable, measurable, and reportable competence. Today, NauticEd is well-positioned as the premier sailing certification […]

Latest Charter Deals

With Chartering going nuts this year, it’s a good idea to select early. Here below are some of our latest offerings that we believe are worth checking out. If you are looking for something else, contact us through this vacation request link – we’ll get right back to you. CARIBBEAN Click on any of the […]