How to Gain a Boating License in the USA

How can an American gain an International Sailing and Boating License? At NauticEd, we help people reach their sailing goals and potential. Not surprisingly, most people would like to go bareboat charting on a sailing vacation. The perceived roadblock for Americans is presenting a recognized government boating license from their home country.  The United States is unique in the […]

Sailing in St Vincent and the Grenedines and Grenada

The Grenadines are the beautiful islands in between Saint Vincent and Grenada.   They make up part of the island of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the islands north of Grenada although neither the island of St Vincent or Grenada are part of the Grenadine islands. The terminology can be confusing because from a national naming perspective, […]

Sailing in Sicily Day 5 through 7

Sailing Vacation in Sicily This is the last 3 days of our sailing trip to the Aeolian Island in Sicily with Spartivento Yacht Charter on two Jeanneau 51.9s. Note: NauticEd are agents for all the yacht charter companies worldwide and can find you the best boats at the best deals. We don’t charge you a fee […]

Sailing in Sicily day 3 and 4

Day 3: Sailing in the Aeolians Islands, Sicily with Spartivento Yacht Charter Company Today we decided to spend the morning in Panarea’s main village San Pietro and then sail later to Stromboli. The little Island of Panarea is really REALLY nice. When you go ashore either take no money or if you have lots of […]