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Posted 2015, Aug 12 13:04
I'm trying to clear this very simple question: the True,or the Apparent Wind Speed should be taken in consideration for reefing ? Again,another table here and no clear answer...Reaching,or running with 23 apparent and the boat speed 12 knots will result to about 30 knots TW. Close hauling at 20 kts apparent and boat speed 7 kts result about 15 kts TW. Where is the Truth ?
Posted 2017, Apr 06 17:16
Why does sail area presented to wind decrease as heel angle increases? Is it that "vertical" sail area presented to wind decreases with heel but total sail area presented to wind does not change?
Posted 2017, Sep 15 19:27
The last paragraph in the section 'Unfurling Head Sail' refers to dropping the headsail if needed by releasing the halyard; surely one would simply re-furl the sail? Maybe this paragraph needs to be in the section 'Raising the Head Sail'. It may be an editing issue, but it's a little confusing. Thanks.
Posted 2019, Sep 19 02:04
I can't get the NED to work, any suggestions?
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