Fuel fume exhaust?

Fuel fume exhaust?
Posted 2017, May 21 21:38
I remember from long ago on gas-powered cabin cruisers, it was important to run a fan for 30 seconds before firing up the engine, to remove any fuel fumes. Does that to apply to diesel systems? Has that need for venting been eliminated by technological improves?
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Reply 2017, Oct 03 04:58
For several reasons no diesel doesn't: Diesel does not evaporate nearly as readily as gasoline, and diesel fumes have a much higher flashpoint (Diesel has a Flash Point of >62 °C(144 °F), Gas on the other hand is −43 °C (−45 °F)). Also, there is no distributer cap or spark plug wires which could cause ignition, and diesel wouldn't ignite from those anyways. As for technological improvements, no, you still have to vent a gasoline powered boat, so no change there, just two very different fuels. Don't mix them.
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