Approach to leeward vs windward question

Approach to leeward vs windward question
Posted 2017, Feb 03 20:29
Are there specific situations where in a recovery of MOB, an approach to the victim to his/her windward would be recommended? The reason I ask is because I'm thinking that depending on the size of the waves, the boat could be used to protect the victim ? Also, with the victim to leeward of the boat wouldn't the side be closer to the water making it a little easier to pull the victim up (if your boat doesn't have a rear transom) ?
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Reply 2017, Feb 10 16:32
The concerns in either case are: If the boat is to windward, a wave can pick up the boat and bring it down upon the victim. If the boat is to leeward, the boat will be pushed away from the victim by the wind. Getting a person back on board with out a transom is extremely difficult and needs to be done with a series of blocks and lines. A throw line should be used to bring the victim close to the boat. In big waves, I would motor up to the victim from down wind position, thus neither side is windward or leeward. I'd get a line to them fast to bring them close to the boat them bring them to a position whereby we could winch them back on board. You should practice a maneuver that works for you and your boat and block/line setup. A MOB situation should not be the first time you do such a maneuver. GOOD QUESTION
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