A question of wind direction

A question of wind direction
Posted 2016, Apr 19 20:15
Howdie. I find the static computer drawings a bit vague wrt where the wind is coming from. This is tripping me up on the tests for this module I think. Take the computer graphic directly beneath the second video for example. The text says the wind is coming from right to left. But couldn’t the wind also be coming from the bottom of the picture to the top, given the way the sails are set on both boats? Some one please assist here.
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Reply 2016, Apr 29 13:34
The graphic text says bottom right to top left. You're asking if it could be bottom to top which is a few degrees further clockwise. Well, sort of but the top boat would be severely pinching into the wind so it has to be slightly at least from the right. Regardless - that point is moot. You need to take a look at which boat is on port and which boat is on starboard. That gives you the definitive answer.
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