Why does moving weight Aft Cause Lee Helm

Why does moving weight Aft Cause Lee Helm
Posted 2016, Feb 02 00:04
I just passed the Sail Trim Course, and dont comprehend why moving crew aft(weight) will cause lee helm. To me I can reason why the opposite would happen. Could someone tell me how this causes lee helm
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Reply 2016, Feb 02 14:02
If you attached a keel to a coke bottle and pushed as though you were the wind on the coke bottle amidships, the coke bottle would slide side ways through the water. Now move the keel further back, the front of the coke bottle would turn downwind. When the crew moves aft more of the boat aft is in the water. It is like moving the keel back. Lee helm is when the boat by it self wants to turn down wind. You counter this by moving the tiller to the lee (wheel to weather). Moving CLR aft creates Lee helm. The water is pushing back to windward as the boat slides sideways through the water. The center of effort of this water push effect has moved aft which acts to turn the back of the boat upwind which is same as turning the front of the boat downwind.
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