I don't understook a question about wind symbols in the my test.

I don't understook a question about wind symbols in the my test.
Posted 2015, Nov 02 05:19
When a read about "Wind symbols", I understook that the barbs are the tail of the arrows. Then the head of the arrow is opposite the arrow tail. Correct? I understand that the head of the arrow is showing the wind direction and the tail represents speed (Knots). But when I went to the test and answered within my knowledge the question of the symbols of the winds, I failed. Why??? Thanks.
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Reply 2015, Nov 02 16:31
IT's a good question but what is often confused is that wind is quoted as coming FROM. An easterly wind COMES FROM the east. Thus it is an arrow pointing west.
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Reply 2017, Oct 03 00:50
As far as naming a wind coming from the east going to the west, for me that's neither here nor their: it has to be either named from where it comes from or where its going, and where it's coming from is more important since that defines its personality with regards to temperature and humidity. BUT I don't know what yutz drew a system where the "pennant" flies up wind: I first struggled with this in flight school. From weather veins to flags, everything in the human experience says the barbs should be down wind. Personally I have to imagine it as darts flying into the dartboard, which helps me keep the direction straight still 11 years later. So maybe it'll help others too.
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