systems moving to the east

systems moving to the east
Posted 2015, Oct 21 09:33
In the storm tactics clinics, when discussing the “dangerous semicircle”, the explanations are based on a westerly storm path (fig 3). The south of the system is considered as the safest side. This is not true for systems moving to the east ! In my sailing area, the channel and North Sea, depressions are moving mainly to the east. I should invert some statements. Some questions in the assessment seem to refer on westerly path (without notice). Ex heading to the north side of the system is consider as a poor tactic; south-eastern quadrant has the smallest wave.
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Reply 2017, Nov 26 20:57
I agree. The paragraph should discuss direction of movement of the low as well as what hemisphere we are in. Seems confusing when coupled with some of the questions in the weather section. Also fig. 1 and fig. 3 seem to be at odds with each other. Unless the fronts in fig 1 are more responsible for the weather than the movement of the low.
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