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  • Level V Captain Rank Qualified Instructor/Assessor

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RYA Cruising Instructor - Sail. Commercially Endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Captain to 200 tons
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Hi everyone, well I skippered my first Irish Sea crossing when I was 16, it was in my neighbour's 26 footer. I spent my teenage summer school holidays as an RYA dinghy instructor - what an amazing job for a schoolkid! So what hope had I got other than for a career at sea ? Well I did try other land based careers, like rugby and leading some communications companies, but I came back to a life of adventure on the waves. Rugby in particular taught me the value of teamwork and continues to have a hugely positive influence on how I teach sailing today. I hold the commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Ocean License (200t) and hold RYA Cruising Instructor and Nauticed Sailing Instructor qualifications. I have sailed tens of thousands of miles as skipper of many different types of boats, mostly around Europe. Sailing into many beautiful cities and towns is quite a different experience to flying or driving there. Places like Palermo in Sicily, Ibiza Old Town and the wonderfully secluded c

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Feedback from previous students

Cristina D., Ireland, Louth Drogheda at 2021, Jun 11
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
About Ken His patience is limitless, as his sailing and sailing knowledge is. Learning to sail and sailing with him is like a walk on a sunny, sandy beach, beautiful and safe. With him you will learn not just the mechanics of this wonderful skill, but managing limited resources, being kind to the surrounding environment and all creatures big ( I include humans here :-) and small. Ultimately, pay it forward.
Cristina D., Ireland, Louth Drogheda at 2020, Jul 01
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
His knowledge is extensive and readily shared. The same questions might have been answered differently to suit my ability to understand at the time. Very patient, never forgot to say "Thank you!", very nice overall. When I was asked to perform a task, he never interfered, but gently guided me, mostly waiting for my asking for details. I would recommend his courses to a friend, surely. :-)
Dulce N., Ireland, Stillorgan at 2020, Jul 04
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Sybil M., Ireland, Dublin at 2020, Jul 01
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Ken was really helpful and patient, a super teacher. I look forward to learning more!
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