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NauticEd Credentials

  • Level IV Captain Rank Qualified Instructor/Assessor
  • American National Standards Instructor/Assessor
  • SLC Instructor/Assessor
  • Catamaran Instructor/Assessor

Other Credentials

USCG Captain 50 Ton Master
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My personal comment and commitment to you

Having started sailing at around 23 years old I have now logged more than 25,000 sailing miles not only recreationally, but also as a sailing instructor, delivery and charter captain on both coasts of the United States, several passages to/from Cuba and the Bahamas. I've also completed a number of passages through the ICW between Florida and Maine in addition to Gulf of Mexico crossings. Of the 25,000+ nautical miles sailed, roughly 10,000 have been offshore sailing making my experience perfect for teaching sailing in The Florida Keys. I've skippered countless boat types and styles, so picking my favorite is tough. Some have been as old as my grandmother, some have been so new that they were just delivered from the factory. Some have been the size of your bathtub, and others were straight out of yachting magazines. I've sailed them all...catamarans, trimarans, monohulls and all the unique ones in between! Each boat handles differently and has qualities that I like. For charte

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Feedback from previous students

Dasiel M., USA, FL Hialeah at 2021, Jul 17
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Best instructor in the world!
Dasiel M., USA, FL Hialeah at 2021, Jul 17
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Very knowledgeable instructor with great patience and teaching ability.
John P., USA, NY New York at 2021, Mar 29
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Tyler was terrific, as was the boat from Bluesail/NauticEd. Tyler was an excellent teacher, very affable, extremely competent and a genuine pleasure to sail with for those two very long days and evenings on the water. WOULD RECOMMEND!! My only (very small) disappointment was that the boat was not equipped to fly a spinnaker.
Julia L., USA, FL Stuart at 2021, Oct 21
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Tyler is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality instruction. Hope to return and continue training with him in the future!
Rick P., USA, FL Milton at 2020, Nov 30
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
an outstanding teacher, professional, knowledgeable and thorough. His sailing skills are far above the normal teacher, but he communicates it in such an easy smooth style that everyone from beginner to expert gets it easily and enjoyably. We used a different boat from another charter company and it was less that the normal conditions from Bluesail, however he methodically evaluated the shortcomings and we corrected all the necessary issues, but clearly not up to his standards. but we made the most of it and had a great day! AWESOME Instructor and sailor!
Martin M., USA, GA Richmond Hill at 2020, Oct 20
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Tyler is an absolutely fantastic instructor. I could not have imagined how much I would learn from spending five days with him on the water. Tyler has a way of sharing his wealth of knowledge in situations where it's immediately applicable, which makes the learning experience so much more effective. I had taken ASA101-106 before, but a week with Tyler has added so much to my understanding of the theory, my ability to apply it in practice, and to my confidence on the water. Thank you Tyler for everything!!!
Olena M., USA, GA Richmond Hill at 2022, May 17
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Anthony E., USA, NH Durham at 2020, Jul 31
Practical Competence of Bareboat Charter Master Rank
Tyler is a great instructor demonstrating extensive knowledge while maintaining a fun and laid back course that allowed me to grow as a sailor.
Phillip C., Canada, Calgary at 2020, Jan 12
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Highly recommend!!!
Reece P., USA, MN Minneapolis at 2020, Jan 26
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Tyler was a top notch captain and instructor. He always took the time to explain the intricacies of sailing and displayed patience when we ask questions. The best part is Tyler made the whole learning experience feel like a vacation, which at the end of the trip I had an awesome story to share and felt more confident about my sailing ability.
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