Photo of Amanda Swan

Amanda Swan


NauticEd Credentials

  • Level 0 Crew Rank Intern Instructor/Assessor

Other Credentials

• NZ Yachting Instructor/Coach • NZ Maritime Commercial Launchmaster • International Sail and Power Association - Certified Instructor - 1997 • NZ Coast Guard Master of Pleasure Yacht Ocean - 1992 • Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Certificate - 1991 • District Commissioner of Apprenticeship - Completion Certificate - Sailmaking 1987 • NZ Secretary for Transport Boat Master - 1983

My personal comment and commitment to you

Aroha, I love the ocean and enjoy sharing my passion for sailing. My 374,000 ocean miles include completing the 1989 Whitbread Around the World Race (now called The Ocean Race) as rigger aboard Maiden, the first all-women Whitbread yacht, multiple Sydney-Hobart races and a 30 year involvement in international sail-training. I completed a 4 year sailmaking apprenticeship in NZ and Australia and have worked as a rigger and sailmaker in NZ, Australia and the UK. I've sailed, raced and maintained yachts ranging in size from 8' to 125' and have sailed from the Arctic to Antarctica traversing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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