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Level 0 Crew Rank Instructor/Assessor
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USCG 100 Master up to 100 miles offshore


Phone: 651.452.5422

My Personal Comment and Commitment to You

The Apostle Islands is one of my favorite places to sail, maybe that’s because it’s where my sailing life began 20 years ago. And even after spending much of the winter sailing in the British Virgin Islands, and having sailed in more distant places--Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Tahiti, I look forward to seeing the sea caves, hiking to a quarry, fish camp or one of the seven lighthouses among the Apostle Islands, and never tire of seeing the seagulls trail the fishing vessels as they clean their catch on their way back to Bayfield. I love being a tour guide of the Apostles and seeing a new crew learn to sail or further their sailing skills. Come see how my enthusiasm ramps up when I’m on the water and my boundless energy.
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James P., USA, IA Iowa City at 2016, Jul 17
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