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Merritt Pulkrabek

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  • Level 0 Crew Rank Instructor/Assessor

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USCG Captain 100 Ton Master

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Sailing the Great Lakes is the best way for those of us who do not live near the coast to experience the thrill and challenge of captaining a vessel on big water. The Apostle Islands are a great place to learn with 22 pristine islands, plenty of beaches, sea caves, and varied sailing conditions that require a variety of skills that you will learn. When you have completed your hands-on training, you will have the skills needed to manage all aspects of your boat from cooking, minor repairs, emergency procedures, docking, navigation, sail plans, and all the basic sailing maneuvers that make this such an enjoyable sport. I will tailor each student’s training to manage conditions from a casual sail of light breezes for a leisurely excursion to a more demanding sail of high seas and winds. Come and find your personal adventure and discover a hobby you will enjoy the rest of your life.

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Erik H., USA, WI Hayward at 2016, May 27
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
Captain Merritt is an incredibly knowledgeable and gifted instructor, he gives you credit for what you know, teaches you something new and allows you to learn at a much faster pace than you would think possible.