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Darroch Cahen

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NauticEd Credentials

  • Level IV Captain Rank Qualified Instructor/Assessor
  • American National Standards Instructor/Assessor
  • SLC Instructor/Assessor

Other Credentials

USCG 50 Ton Near Coastal; 100 Ton Inland Master Assoc. Degree Applied Science Vessel Operations: MERTS USCG Ablebody Seaman Spc'l, Lifeboatman, RFPNW
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My personal comment and commitment to you

I have a college degree in Vessel Operations with a decade of teaching experience. I began my nautical education as a boy aboard my parents’ 32’ Kettenburg cruising in Puget Sound and racing on Lake Washington. In San Diego, I took a Basic Keelboat class aboard a Catalina Capri 22’. Subsequent, cruising courses culminated with a charter to the Bahamas aboard a 36’ Jeanneau. Spinnaker Training at J-School opened the door to racing aboard several J-Boats. The pinnacle of success was being chosen as Helmsman aboard a Beneteau 40.7’ for the National Offshore One Design series. Then, I made the decision to turn my nautical education into a profession. With a 50-Ton Captain’s License from the Maritime Institute in San Diego, I began teaching Basic Keelboat classes for Island Sailing Club (ISC) on the waters of Puget Sound and the Columbia River. At ISC, I developed a Spinnaker Handling course. I invite you to take command of the tiller aboard a keelboat with me.

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Feedback from previous students

David W., USA, WA Battle Ground at 2021, Jan 17
Practical Competence of Skipper Rank
John Y., USA, OR Portland at 2020, Feb 22
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
I’m prepared to practice the lessons with fellow classmates. We will rotate skipper and crew responsibilities on 4 hour sessions.
Jesse B., USA, OR Portland at 2019, Jul 16
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Keith B., USA, WA Brush Prairie at 2019, Jul 07
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Darroch was a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to sail with.
Jim J., USA, WA Longview at 2018, Oct 02
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Darroch (Captain Cahen<kaun>) was professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. His tact was second to none. When out on the water his dependability helped us really pull through our fears and his enthusiasm helped us clear our own individual obstacles. His display of judgement on the water and in class helped us gain respect and gain our own confidence. If I never see him again I really want to tell him how much I appreciate his bearing and enthusiasm for what he does as a Certified Captain and instructor. Thank you Captain Cahen!!!
Keenan B., USA, OR Canby at 2017, Jun 26
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Darroch was a great instructor! Very knowledgeable and fun to sail with. Really challenged me to put into practice, what I learned via study. Thanks dude....I look forward to sailing with you again!
Juanita B., USA, OR Canby at 2017, Jun 25
Practical Competence of Qualified Crew Member Rank
Darin C., USA, OR Portland at 2017, May 29
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Mandy H., USA, WA Camas at 2017, Jul 15
Practical Competence of Skipper (small keelboat) Rank
Darroch is a great teacher: patient and observant. He allows students to learn with lots of hands on experience and giving them the appropriate berth to make mistakes and to learn.
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