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This Electronic Navigation course is the world's only true interactive  course  where you learn all the instruments you might have onboard a sailboat.  The exercises are designed so that you actually interact with a simulated GPS chart plotter and get inside the workings to REALLY understand how to maximize the information being presented to you. With ease, you'll implement navigation techniques like setting your autopilot to track a waypoint or tack perfectly on a layline. 

You are also introduced to newer technologies like AIS, MARPA and Weather GRIBs and shown how to effectively use them.

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The Course is Laid out in Eight Modules

  • Module 1 emphasizes that electronic navigation is an aid to the good sailor’s senses but can not replace them.
  • Module 2 introduces and brings back some of the basics that you should already be familiar with in regards to navigation.
  • Module 3 is an in-depth discussion of wind. In particular it delves into the calculation of true wind and shows how important true wind direction is when navigating.
  • Module 4 is all about boat speed. How to navigate using optimum speeds and how to find your best course to achieve your destination in the fastest time. We define velocity made good on course and velocity made good upwind.
  • Module 5 prepares you for the shotgun of jargon that will be delivered in module 7.
  • Module 6 introduces technologies such as AIS, RADAR and Weather GRIBS and electronic chart overlays.
  • Module 7 is a step by step walk through of a real GPS chart plotter unit. You’ll gain the confidence, working knowledge and user experience, through various animations, to fully work a chart plotter device and apply this to your sailing navigation.
  • Module 8 will round everything out so that you’re confident in your ability to navigate using electronic instruments.
This is an essential safety and knowledge course that will also make you look good when operating electronic equipment around others. This course also comes in a downloadable PDF format which you can access for free after your investment.
Download from the App StoreNOW you may also download the Electronic Navigation Course material (without the test or test credit) from our Sailing Apps store via iTunes. The App is in an eBook type format and is also fully interactive and full of animations. If you have an iPad, get the App. You can then take the test and get credit using our iPad testing App.
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Electronic Navigation information

If you're going bareboat chartering, doing local or long distance cruising or any type of yacht racing, you should really be investing in this Electronic Navigtion course, and for the price, who can argue with that? It's a well put togeather course and you're going to like the interactive components. Get it now by clicking on the Register Button above or below. OR get this valuable course free with the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle or courses!

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Student Reviews

Jean H.
2022, 29 Dec. 21:45

Excellent animation, Excellent explantation ! would recommend this course to every sailors.

James L.
2022, 27 Nov. 21:02

Lots of info that I needed to understand and certainly kept me concentrating. I had to take the test quite a few times before I passed.

Savica A.
2022, 17 Nov. 21:27

Very good testing approach

Stefan A.
2022, 16 Nov. 20:13

veoma struńćan i profesionalno napravljen kurs Very professional course

Zoltan W.
2022, 12 Oct. 12:29

Well written -- as with other modules!

Yosh H.
2022, 05 Oct. 04:42

really like the simulators - very helpful.

Amanda S.
2022, 18 Sep. 15:06

Great course to cement the basics of electronic navigation.

Joe K.
2022, 27 Aug. 15:46

I love the intuitive way the courses have been created. The fact that the material is available to view again later is very useful as a refresher when it's been a while since the course was taken. The explanations on the test as to why you got an answer wrong is very helpful in correcting your understandings.

Patrick G.
2022, 16 Jun. 14:17

Very in depth

Craig B.
2022, 11 Jun. 17:48

I was very surprised how good a job was done to teach a very difficult subject to teach while sitting at home. Very good job. My only concern is on my one personal sailboat I have all Raymarine gear but I feel I should run out an switch it all out to B&G, but I value my marriage so I will keep my gear (and marriage) and besides I don't race anymore :-) But I do enjoy B&G when I have used it on other boats.

Jeff N.
2022, 05 Jun. 21:34

It was very thorough. Although tedious at times, an understanding of how to arrive at the various terms used on the Chart Plotter was very helpful.

Bruno B.
2022, 25 Apr. 13:13

It was extremely simply to understand

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This GPS interactive animation will show you that you can easily view the tide for your area.

Click on the image then follow the red square touch points to run the animation. Module 7 has 20 such animations to help you get into the workings and really understand such a device. By the time you complete this Module alone you'll have full cofidence in operating a GPS chart plotter with multiple sensors networked in.


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The Electronic Navigation course is far more in-depth than I expected. Because of the remarkably affordable cost of the course, I feared that it may be far less comprehensive. I was very pleasantly surprised at how challenging and informative it is. I now find myself trying something I learned from the NauticEd academics every time I go sailing.

Dan D, Student - Alabama

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