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You’ll notice a new NauticEd sailing school widget  next time you login to NauticEd. It’s a quick snapshot of your Sailing Certificate Progress through the ranks and levels.

Sailing Certificate Progress
Sailing Certificate Progress

The widget views your completed NauticEd theory experience and your practical experience logged in your NauticEd online logbook. It runs an algorithm against that data and presents a graphical representation of how close you are to reaching each rank and level.

In the example above, the student has completed the Skipper requirements, is 76% of the way towards Bareboat Charter Master and 48% of the way towards Captain. The slider bar is weighed according to course effort and practical experience logged.

When you click on the [more] button you are lead to a page which shows in more detail what your requirements would be to achieve 100% in the next Ranks above.

You’ll notice that NauticEd does place significant weight on practical experience. We absolutely believe that after taking classes you can’t expect to step on a boat and know everything. And we also believe that students must have a grounding in theory. Rules of the Nautical Road, navigation, turbulence theory vs laminar flow theory, knowledge of what to do in an emergency etc etc are all theory based elements in learning to sail. I guess we might compare this to an electrician. I would assume that most people would want their electrician to have studied the theory as well as spent many hours as an understudy working in the field in a practical manner before he comes to rewire a house. In fact this is why State governments require such theory and practical experience combo licenses.

It’s an interesting debate as to weather state governments should require boating licences. But I digress…

Anyway, next time you’re logged into NauticEd take a look at your Sailing Certificate Progress widget.

For more info on how to navigate and reach each Rank with the NauticEd Sailing School – Sailing Certificate go to our website.

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