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As a ASA & CYA sailing instructor as well as being a delivery skipper I am often surprised by the lack of weather knowledge of sailors at every level and quite frankly feel the level of weather training incorporated into most of the sailing course curriculum is in my opinion fairly superficial. I would be interested in hearing from others if a) they have found the same thing b) what if any sources of information have they been able to use that are practical and easy to apply on the water to increase their weather forecasting ability and subsequently be a help to their students or crew in improving their own awareness and application of that knowledge.

I have only had a cursory read of the new weather course yet so don’t wish to comment on it as yet.

One text that I have found of a practical nature for mariners is Onboard Weather Handbook by Chris Tibbs,

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  1. Thanks for the comment – We at NauticEd always appreciate how the courses can be improved. So after reading the online sailors weather clinic, if you have any additional input then please let us know. This is the great thing about online courses – is that they are fluid. We intend for this clinic to be the world’s best online weather course for sailors.

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