NauticEd launches “myBoat” – Boat Sharing Software

Here is a Press Release by NauticEd today Also viewable in our press release section on the website Today, NauticEd unveiled a huge booster to the boating industry by announcing the release of boat sharing software to the public called myBoat™. Until now such purpose built sharing software has been closely held by professional sharing […]

Enter your sailing experience into your NauticEd Online Logbook

We produced this video to help you in filling out your NauticEd Sailing Logbook. All yacht charter sailing companies require you to fill out a sailing logbook or resume when you take a sailing vacation. NauticEd sailing school makes it easy with a free online sailing logbook. Watch this sailing video to learn how to […]

Press Release – Annapolis Bay Charters becomes NauticEd FlagShip Sailing School

Annapolis Bay Charters becomes NauticEd’s first Flag Ship Practical Sailing School NauticEd announced today that the 30 year old and well respected Charter Sailing Company, Annapolis Bay Charters, would become it’s first Flag Ship Practical Training Sailing School. To date, NauticEd has successfully established itself as The World’s Most Advanced Online Sailing School and provides […]

Sailing Resume – Logbook

Here is a question posted by Nancy KnudsenEditor Sail-World Cruising. Sail-world is one of the largest and respected online sailing news companies ( to NauticEd this week. Followed by our answer. On 1/16/10 6:47 PM, “Nancy Knudsen Cruising Editor Sail-World” <> wrote: Hi Grant I have a question about the sailing certification video you have […]

Sailing Certifications made simple

The NauticEd Sailing Certification system is easily explained by this animated infographic. You will notice that the sailing certification is based using a combined model of knowledge plus skills plus experience leads to competence. At NauticEd, we don’t issue McCertifications of attendance. We reward you with sound sailing certifications at every Rank and Level of […]