Sailing Certificate Standards

NauticEd has been operating as a premier sailing training body since 2008 and is recognized by NASBLA and the United States Coast Guard as adhering to the American National Standards for sailing training. This carries a lot of responsibility and expectation on our instructors to properly follow the standards when training and assessing – and […]

On The Water Training Standards

At NauticEd, we treat the word COMPETENCE very seriously. We strive to help everyone of our students become competent and we show progress along the way with varying Ranks and Levels of achievement. To us, competence means that a person can do the thing they are asked successfully. That they are fully capable and they […]

Your Sailing Certificate Progress

You’ll notice a new NauticEd sailing school widget  next time you login to NauticEd. It’s a quick snapshot of your Sailing Certificate Progress through the ranks and levels. The widget views your completed NauticEd theory experience and your practical experience logged in your NauticEd online logbook. It runs an algorithm against that data and presents a […]