Who Gives Way, Adrift Powerboat or Sailboat under power?

If you like this post, please LIKE it on facebook. Thanks – it helps our waterways be safer. This is a question in our FREE Navigation Rules Course which covers in-depth the International Rules of Collision at Sea aka ColRegs. The Powerboat is adrift. Who gives way? Using our nano forum technology, one of our […]

Mast head light confusion

Here is a question from a Student who posted it on Disqus. I felt it was important enough to post out here for public. Displaying correct lights on boats is important. QUESTION: Could you please provide more of an explanation for the following: Although ‘steaming light’ is used extensively, this does not have a definition […]

Navigation Rules Hybrid Paper/eBook

If you think this is pretty cool  please LIKE it on facebook or g+1 Learn the Rules of the Nautical Road in the most high-tech/low-tech manner possible. Huh? We’re excited to release our new first hybrid paper/eBook 92 pages long in full color. It’s a real paper book that comes alive with video and animations. […]

International Navigation Rules of Preventing Collision at Sea

Stand-On and Give-Way: You just might have it wrong FIRST If you think boaters should know the Rules of Preventing Collision please LIKE this post via facebook or g+1 it. Thanks it really helps get the word out there and help water safety. (Jump directly to the FREE updated International Rules of Preventing Collision at […]